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Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Minute HTML is a small and easy to use browser created to make internet-surfing and web page designing a lot easier. One Minute HTML offers various features that help an amateur or professional web page designer, and a website owner in creating a website for commercial, personal or other purposes.

Here are some key features of "One Minute HTML":
· Pick, Collect and Store Texts, Links and HTML from any Webpage
· For amateur web designers and webpage makers, One Minute HTML can be a very useful tool. The software allows the user to gather as much information as one needs from any webpage to aid in designing a webpage. When surfing on the page of a popular website such as eBay or, or a beautifully designed webpage, the programmer can get ideas on how the designers created the pages by looking at the texts, links or HTML programs from the back end.
· By looking at the back side of the webpage, the user can find out the texts, links or HTML graphics, pick these texts in his/her computer to be used later as a guide in creating his/her own website or webpage. The texts can then be collected, stored and edited by the user for creating a new website or webpage or for improving the contents, design and appearance of an existing website.

· Collect IP Addresses and HTTP Headers
· The user of One Minute HTML can collect IP addresses and HTTP headers from other websites. The information can be used as an advantage for the user in creating its own website, or can be used as links to his/her site. If the user has an online shopping store, the IP addresses and website headers can be stored and can serve as backlinks to the website. This way, the site will be optimized and its rankings in the search engines will be improved.

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Size: 480 kB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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