WebSite-Watcher 5.0.1 Beta 1 / 5.0 Final

Sunday, January 18, 2009

WebSite-Watcher is a actual able software that will acquiesce users to calmly adviser their admired websites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and online costs. This prevents you from visiting anniversary page manually searching for changes. If changes in a page are detected, WebSite-Watcher saves the endure two versions to your harder deejay and highlights all changes in the text. Many appearance accord you control, if and how a page should be arrested for updates. For archetype to get alone an amend notification if a defined keyword is aural the afflicted content. WebSite-Watcher works as applicant on your computer, agnate to an e-mail client. All bookmarks and configurations are stored locally on your harder disk, added than online ecology casework you don't charge our server to analysis pages for updates.

Here are some key appearance of "WebSite-Watcher":

Monitor web pages:
· Adviser web pages with a minimum of time. Why decay hours surfing the web, if WebSite-Watcher can do this job for you aural a few minutes. Supports all affectionate of pages with textual agreeable (html, asp, php, ...).

Monitor countersign adequate pages:
· Logins to a countersign adequate page can be recorded with the chip Check-Macro feature. These macros are accomplished if WebSite-Watcher checks the bookmarks for updates.

Monitor forums:
· Efficient way to adviser forums for new capacity and replies application appointment templates. Works with all above forums including phpBB, SMF, vBulletin, IPB, etc.

Monitor RSS-Feeds:
· Website-Watcher converts RSS/Atom feeds into a clear architecture application a arrangement system. So you can use the abounding ability of WebSite-Watcher to ascertain new or afflicted RSS postings aural a individual apparatus and aswell adviser countersign adequate RSS feeds abaft a login.

Monitor Newsgroups:
· WebSite-Watcher offers a abject functionality for account and autograph new newsgroup postings and answers. The newsgroups functionality can aswell be acclimated with the keywords functionality to adviser postings for defined keywords.

Monitor bifold files:
· Bifold files (for archetype zip or exe files) can be monitored via the book date, the book admeasurement or via a baby allotment of the content. That allows you to calmly adviser ample files afterwards accepting to download them. Dependent from the server, WebSite-Watcher will accept the best blockage adjustment automatically.

Monitor bounded files:
· Adviser bounded files and directories and use the aforementioned able appearance as you do for web resources.

Powerful yet simple clarify system:
· Able yet simple filters enhance your control, and acquiesce you, for example, to avoid alteration banners and adverts. Filters can be created automatically with the cocky acquirements Auto-Filter system, or manually with the clarify wizard. Simple wildcard filters and approved expressions accord you absolute ascendancy over the clarification mechanism, so you can exclude locations or alone watch specific areas of a page; actual advantageous for dynamically generated agreeable or sites with all-encompassing advertising).

Highlight changes:
· Highlight changes in pages that accept been modified. No charge to analyze the old agreeable with the new, if Website-Watcher can do this for you. See what you're searching for in seconds. Filtered agreeable will not be highlighted, so you will not decay your time to attending at being you are not absorbed in (for archetype commercial or a alteration user counter).

Monitor pages for defined words:
· Searching for specific words aural a website's pages? Or conceivably you're cat-and-mouse for a assertive chat or byword to appear? Website-Watcher can handle both tasks with ease. Alone get an amend notification if defined words are aural new/changed content, along WebSite-Watcher will highlight these words, so you see them aural a second.

Monitor accomplished sites instead of individual pages:
· The Follow-Links affection allows you to adviser complete websites instead of individual web pages. Application this feature, hyperlinks in a page are amid automatically as new bookmarks. You accept ascendancy over the hotlink abyss or which URLs should be included or excluded.

Manual checks:
· Adviser pages alone afterwards beat the analysis button.

Automatic checks:
· Analysis pages automatically with the AutoWatch feature. You can ascertain if and how generally a bookmark should be arrested if WebSite-Watcher is in AutoWatch mode

Automate checks and tasks with the chip scripting language:
· A simple yet able scripting accent lets you automate specific tasks. For archetype to analysis bookmarks, actualize a address and forward the address by email afterwards accepting to assassinate all these commands manually footfall by step.

Additional accomplishments if updates are detected:
· For archetype to play an addition sound, forward emails or accessible the afflicted page with addition program. You configure the software to plan the way you want.

Work with arrested pages (Searches, Reports, etc.):
· All monitored pages are adored to your harder drive. This allows you to bound and artlessly accessible and appearance the monitored pages, seek argument in downloaded files and accomplish reports... all afterwards even accepting to be online.

Archive pages permanently:
· Accumulate the advice you charge by archiving pages with our apparatus Bounded Website Archive. This can be done automatically via the bookmark backdrop or manually on demand.

Synchronize bookmark files:
· Accord bookmarks amid computers with the accord functionality.

Backup and Restore:
· The chip Backup/Restore affection allows you to advancement and restore your settings, bookmarks and downloaded files into/from a zip archive.

· 30 canicule trial
· The balloon adaptation is bound to one bookmark list
· Nag Screen

What's New in This Release:
· [+] New PDF-Plugin that converts the agreeable of a PDF book into a argument book by aggravating to accumulate the layout
· [+] Extended Search: Option "Search in bookmarks/page content" reintroduced
· [-] Bookmark files with UNC aisle could not be opened
· Minor tweaks/improvements

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Size: 5.1 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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