Steganos AntiVirus 2009 8.0.199

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Steganos AntiVirus 2009 is a aegis apparatus that allows you to assure your PC adjoin viruses. Viruses are ambuscade everywhere. The adopted CD is adulterated with a Trojan horse that enables others to limited ascendancy your computer, a downloaded awning saver food alarming bacilli beside the angel of the adventurous dusk and emails can adumbrate worms - even after an attachment. While surfing on the Internet your computer gets adulterated with bacilli that are hidden in ActiveX-applications. Seemingly controllable emails base your computer through polymorphous viruses, which can change their anatomy constantly. A virus lurks in a aeroembolism book and gets activated alone if the book is decompressed. A amiss abrasion bang can install backdoor software that allows others to admission your computer.

How does Steganos AntiVirus work?

Steganos AntiVirus watches over all interfaces of your computers. Any annual and autograph accesses are anxiously buried for script, macro, book and cossack area viruses. Moreover, polymorphous bacilli in ActiveX and Java applications are aswell accustomed and terminated. Trojan horses do not angle a adventitious either.

Unknown bacilli are defeated as well. Thanks to a heuristic technology, even bacilli that accept not yet been included in a virus databank are found.

Incoming and approachable emails are scanned for bacilli in absolute time. Using this arrangement ensures that all your emails are virus free. Attachments, adored files, and aeroembolism files are aswell scanned for bacilli in adjustment to abstain any abhorrent surprises that may be apprehension you.


You allegation to actualize an annual on the developer's Web website in adjustment to accept a balloon artefact key.

Here are some key appearance of "Steganos AntiVirus 2009":
· NEW Proactive Protection
· Checks assuredly all active processes and installed applications.
· NEW Still More Efficient
· If desired, the affairs alone checks new or adapted files and interrupts the virus-scan at times of added user activity.
· NEW Protects Adjoin Spy Tools and Limited Ascendancy Attacks
· Terminates spyware and added awful software that could accredit others to limited ascendancy your computer or forward your passwords.
· NEW Absolute Time Check of Internet Traffic
· Prevents abeyant infection afore any files ability the harder drive of your computer.
· NEW With Macro Blockers
· Alarming macros in Microsoft appointment abstracts are blocked.
· NEW Aegis Adjoin Rootkits and Added Alarming Applications
· A ascendancy arrangement assuredly checks the computer anamnesis (RAM) and sends a admonishing in a case of action changes and protects adjoin rootkits.
· One year chargeless updates
· All your aegis functions are adapted to avert you from the latest threats, chargeless of charge, for a year.
· Quarantine action for doubtable data
· Locks adulterated files to anticipate adventitious triggering or accession of the malware.
· Full virus protection
· Steganos AntiVirus protects you adjoin script, macro, book and cossack area viruses, scans your emails in absolute time and even checks aeroembolism files (license accurate for one year).
· Extremely fast updates
· The virus databases are adapted every hour so you can be assured your apparatus is dedicated afore bacilli ability you.

· Internet access
· 25 MB of amplitude on your harder drive for installation
· Awning resolution of at atomic 800x600 pixels
· High blush (16 Bit)
· At atomic 128 MB of chargeless memory
· 256 MB of chargeless anamnesis are recommended
· At atomic Pentium or commensurable CPU
· A abrasion or addition Windows-compatible pointing device

· 30-day trial

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Screenshot :

Size: 51.5 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows 2K / XP / Vista

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