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SalePoint is a circuitous appliance which allows users to administer their sales business.

Here are some key appearance of "SalePoint":
· Bound acquisition barter application the seek and clarify features.
· Actualize any bulk of barter with the advantage to automatically accomplish different annual numbers.
· Actualize states and accredit them to barter to represent a ambit of situations.
· Specify a absence abatement bulk for a chump annual that is automatically activated to items on new transactions.
· Chump action shows a abundant account of affairs for a customer. Assignment down to appearance the items on a transaction and assignment down added to see how they were paid. You can aswell seek and clarify the activity.
· Bound album invoices and credits by artlessly selecting the affairs in chump activity.
· Aged balances allows you to analyse action by examination the antithesis of outstanding affairs over a ambit of date periods. Assignment down to appearance the affairs that fabricated up the balances and the alone periods (age) the affairs accept been outstanding.
· Book statements, labels and envelopes for customers.
· Actualize appropriate prices for articles that administer to specific chump accounts. The prices can be anchored or about to the aboriginal bulk (e.g. if the aboriginal bulk goes up so does the appropriate bulk by a anchored bulk or percentage).
· Actualize abatement levels for articles that administer to specific chump accounts. Abatement is automatically activated to articles based on the abundance sold.
· The sales acclimation arrangement offers a automated workflow that allows you to actualize orders, allocate, despatch and balance all from one window.
· Use any aggregate of banal items, account items and chargeless breeze argument to body up orders, invoices and credits.
· Specify abstracted customer, supply and balance addresses for orders, invoices and credits.
· Include comments/instructions for the chump on orders, invoices and credits.
· Modify an adjustment at any time.
· Duplicate orders, invoices and credits to bound echo transactions.
· Administer alone quantities on an adjustment or accumulation action assorted orders (e.g. balance alone a brace of items on an adjustment or balance several orders at once).
· Appearance a complete history of action for an adjustment that includes absolutely if items were allocated, despatched, invoiced and cancelled.
· Book orders, quotes, pro-forma invoices, supply notes, invoices and credits. In accession book abode labels and envelops.
· Bound access evidently generated invoices or credits. Assorted affairs can be aggregate calm and candy in batches.
· Handle a advanced ambit of chump transaction situations. Deal with deposits, allocating payments to specific invoices and credits, allotment payments and discounts on final payments.

· Internet affiliation to access a balloon key
· SQL Server

· 90 canicule trial

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Size: 14.2 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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