RadioGet 1.3.3

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The RadioGet appliance was advised to be a affairs that plays online radio stations and annal their music to mp3 tracks. With over 25,000 chargeless web radio stations out there, you can accept to music of about any brand and acidity while recording it to your harder drive. In fact, RadioGet can even silently almanac several radio stations simultaneously. Leave it recording a brace of stations and you’ll arbor up a huge accumulating of chargeless acknowledged mp3 advance in no time. Listen to your admired music from over 25,000 internet radio stations. With a able apparatus like RadioGet it’s easier than ever, and fun, too. Baddest the brand or your adopted base to alpha alert and recording immediately. RadioGet tags and sorts all the advance automatically. The music is recorded with no superior accident for your best enjoyment. And of advance it's legal. Save a abundance of money by accepting all your admired songs with RadioGet, alone at the amount of the program. RadioGet will almanac music from web radio stations automatically. Just baddest the brand and you are set. Baddest specific artists and RadioGet will almanac alone their music as anon as it affectedness on any web radio station. You will aggrandize your media library tenfold in no time! Using the auto almanac action will plan like a breeze. Turn it on and let it plan in the background. RadioGet will almanac the songs of just about any brand accepted to animal race. Your harder drive will be arranged with abundant music till it explodes! RadioGet allows you to almanac your admired songs and accept to them whenever you wish in the future. Better yet, with this affairs you will ascertain abundant new music!

Here are some key appearance of "RadioGet":
· accept to 25,000 accepted web radio stations
· almanac bags of abundant music for chargeless and legally
· ascertain new music
· no superior loss, auto almanac feature
· accept to bags of web radio stations
· acquisition a web radio by genre
· almanac several web radio stations simultaneousely
· almanac songs from web radio as mp3 files
· almanac by artisan name

· 1MB recording limit

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Screenshot :

Size: 8.8 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows XP / Vista / XP X64 / Vista64

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