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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bopup Agent is a feature-packed LAN advice affairs that will accredit you to acquaint with added users affiliated beyond the aforementioned LAN, agnate to WinPopup. Corporate burning messaging applicant for able business communications over bounded networks (LANs) with a set of added appearance including accepted software affinity such as WinPopup and Agent Service (Net Forward command), accumulation messaging, automated answering machine, bulletin history, book transfer. Real-time communications can be organized with Peer-to-Peer or Client/Server architecture. Using a axial server users get able accessories for alignment of able advice arrangement with annual notification, centralized user grouping, offline bulletin autumn and automated delivery, conception and administration of attainable user information, accepting annual account with user attendance status.

With this messenger, you can calmly affix users from all added offices and locations to one IM workspace and barter burning and continued letters with links, chantry and blush formatting and emoticons. Organize your claimed acquaintance account that is attainable to you from any abode and see who is online and accessible to acquaint a part of your contacts. Messaging is encrypted with able algorithms so that claimed and accumulation conversations are safe and defended even if you forward letters via the Internet. You will never lose any advice you barter because offline letters are stored and automatically delivered by the server if the almsman goes online.

No user acquaintance and abilities are bare to use the program. The acute and adequate user interface with avant-garde account options and popup notifications allows you to accompany the IM arrangement in a few abrasion clicks. The agent absolutely supports the Terminal Server/Citrix ambiance and can be acclimated accompanying by assorted users on one computer. Bopup Agent can automatically download and install updates from the IM server. The centralized client/server architectonics offers complete and adjustable administration for authoritative your IM infrastructure. The axial server logs all user action and athenaeum all letters with the reporting, seek and press options. It allows you to administer messaging groups, users' acquaintance advice and permissions to forward and appearance added users. It is simple to acceptation user accounts from your Active Directory (LDAP) and alpha an able Burning Messaging arrangement appropriate now.

Here are some key appearance of "Bopup Messenger":
· Defended Communication
· Messaging Groups
· User Attendance Status
· Acquaintance Account access
· Ease of Use
· Offline Messaging
· Favorite Messages
· Terminal Server support
· Centralized Notification
· Confirmation Mode
· Bulletin Logging & Archiving
· Burning Updates from the IM server

· 533 MHz processor
· 256 MB of RAM
· 3 MB of chargeless deejay space
· TCP/IP connection

· 30 canicule trial

What's New in This Release:
· Fixed invalid appearance encoding in the Bulletin History module.
· Important!
· This amend fixes absurdity that comes with adaptation and if it was installed on a computer for the aboriginal time. In adjustment to administer this amend you MUST UNINSTALL adaptation from Add/Remove Programs Panel and again install new adaptation ONLY IF your accepted adaptation of Bopup Agent is and it was installed for the aboriginal time.
· If you are application any added beforehand adaptation or adaptation that was installed as an advancement over absolute adaptation of Bopup Agent again you DO NOT NEED uninstall your adaptation and should administer this adaptation as a approved amend through the accepted advancement procedure.

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Size: 1.7 mB
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OS: Windows All

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