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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Banner Designer Pro is a deceptively simple banderole architecture apparatus with extremely powerful features. The best allotment about Banderole Designer Pro is that it does not require you to acquire accelerated Flash skills. With the simple baddest and drop functionality you can add altered elements to your banderole and actualize adorable banners with complete ease. Professionally advised banderole templates Banner Designer Pro provides a professionally advised set of attractive templates as a starting footfall to your banner. Select a banderole admeasurement to clothing your requirement. You can baddest from a set of 11 banderole admeasurement options accessible or design a banderole of the specific admeasurement you require.

Add shapes to your banner
Select from a database of shapes and abode them according to alone design preference on the banner.

Add images to the banderole and adapt them
Simply browse through your arrangement and add images of your best anywhere on the banner. Further you can adapt the angel to calibration its size, circle and adjust its accuracy and contrast.

Add Argument to your banderole design
Using the Argument Tool, add argument to your banner. The banderole software provides you an arrangement of chantry options and sizes to aces from. Also add blush to your text to accomplish it angle out. Arrange aspect adjustment -move altar to foreground or to back. Using the Align (front to aback or aback to front) tool, align the altar in your banderole as per your requirement. Color & Acclivity Appearance for your banner

Banner Designer Pro provides you accomplished blush and acclivity features.
- Add accomplishments color, specify blush for the shapes and the argument in your banner.
- You can add solid blush and acclivity blush as well.
- Make banners with activated Argument & Angel Access Effect
- The software has preset activated access and alteration effects. Baddest the type of activated access aftereffect you wish for the argument and images on the banner.
- Time ambience for effects
- Set the time for altered furnishings accident on the banner.
- A ambit of activated furnishings accept been provided including argument access effect, text avenue effect, angel access aftereffect or angel avenue effect.
- Pre-defined Preloaders for loading banners
- Banner Designer Pro provides you a pre authentic set of Preloaders so that the banner can be displayed aural minimum time.
- Completely optimized banderole book size
- The final banderole architecture is optimized by Banderole Designer Pro to accomplish the file light and simple to upload.
- Publish banderole in SWF or HTML
- The Banderole Designer Pro allows you to broadcast your banderole as SWF or HTML so you can calmly upload it online.
- Free software updates
- Get appropriate software updates on the artefact actually free.
- Comprehensive Help
- The Help book absolute abundant instructions of the software is accessible as a tutorial for your advertence and helps in simple acceptance of the product.

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