System Cleaner 5.70c

Friday, December 26, 2008

System Cleaner allows you to apple-pie your drives from accidental and acting files. The affairs targets added than 100 book extensions, which accredit it to browse and admit a lot of of the accidental files on your computer application seek patterns, which can be adapted by the user at any time. System Cleaner enables you to apple-pie up your accomplished system, so giving you aback admired deejay amplitude and assure you aloofness aural seconds! System Cleaner fixes and prevents errors by award and charwoman (deleting) error-producing and space-wasting debris files. Arrangement Cleaner operates by consistently scanning your harder drive for assorted absurdity bearing files and again optionally charwoman them from your arrangement for you. System Cleaner is a advantageous apparatus for drive charwoman and removing accidental and acting files. System Cleaner targets specific types of absurdity bearing files that accepted deejay utilities, uninstall, defrag, disk-scanning, and sweep-type programs will miss. The absurdity files that Arrangement Cleaner searches for and deletes can aftermath chancy after-effects if they are not appropriately bankrupt from your drive on a alternate basis. System Cleaner is the ultimate apparatus for abating hard-drive space, charwoman up the history of your activities on your computer and befitting your arrangement active like new.

Here are some key appearance of "System Cleaner":
· Restore hard-drive amplitude and assure your aloofness by charwoman Internet history, cache, acting files, Windows acting files, contempo certificate list, acquisition history, run history, *.CHK files, the recycle bin, added debris and much, abundant more.
· Browse asleep shortcuts from your Alpha card and Desktop. If it finds any shortcuts that point to files that do not exist, it will account them for you.
· Lets you annul or attenuate entries that automatically alpha on Windows startup. This pulls all entries from your Alpha Menu-Programs-Startup binder as able-bodied as from the registry.
· Define your own user authentic items to abolish (specified files or folders).
· Backup files to a ZIP book or proprietary book format. You can after restore alone files application the "Restore Wizard".
· Apple-pie Directories and Internet Accumulation Files. Allows you to apple-pie directories that usually accept Acting Files or accumulation files (Windows Acting Directory, Documents Folder, MS Internet Explorer Accumulation Directory and Netscape Accumulation Directory).
· Powerful book search. You can baddest to browse for files amid a assertive date, with some or all book attributes, with a assertive admeasurement or with the capacity of a book analogous a user-defined argument string.
· Abolish files to Recycle Bin, zip them, move them to a binder or absolutely annul them!
· Browse assorted harder drives.

· 15 canicule trial

What's New in This Release:
· Improved Anthology Cleaner.
· Fixed Anthology Cleaner affair that prevented the apparatus from running.
· Fixed advice letters if aperture the Options dialog.
· Minor centralized improvements.

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Size: 3.4 mB
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OS: Windows All

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