Sweet Home 3D 1.5.1

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sweet Home 3D is a chargeless autogenous architectonics appliance that helps you agreement your appliance on a abode 2D plan, with a 3D preview. It will advice you about-face the annoying job of award the best appliance breadth into a fun experiment.

What's New in This Release:
· Added the Create apartment tool, with the adeptness to affectation the name and the breadth of the apartment in the plan, and to change the blush or the arrangement of their attic and their beam in the 3D view.
· Added the Add texts apparatus to add chargeless texts to plan.
· Added a analysis box in the appliance area to affectation its name in the plan.
· Managed the argument appearance (text size, bold, italic) of the called items in the plan with the items of the sub card Plan > Modify argument appearance and their analogous buttons added to the accoutrement bar.
· Added a button in the 3D appearance area to accept the arrangement of the sky, with 3 new sky images.
· Managed page attack and footer in page bureaucracy area with the adeptness to access 7 predefined variables (page number, page count, date...).
· Added the adeptness to accept the book calibration of the plan in page bureaucracy pane.
· Displayed tips at aboriginal uses of a conception tool.
· Automatic alternative of argument fields in chat boxes if they get focus with a tab key.
· Added a account bear and a anchored window in absence appliance library.
· Changed how called altar are displayed in such a way that their bonds box is consistently arresting even if some altar are hidden by added ones.
· Added the bend amid a bank and its above-mentioned bank in the apparatus tip displayed during the bank conception or modification.
· Changed zoom adjustment keys beneath Linux (Ctrl + Ctrl -).
· Enabled the card items Delete, Undo, Redo, Copy, Cut, Paste, Modify... amid the conception of two alternation of walls or the conception of two dimensions.
· Corrected a bug that prevented a actual ciphering of the holes of windows in a bank in some cases, if this bank contains added than one window.
· Corrected a bug that acquired the arrangement accent to be acclimated in the labels in Ok/Cancel buttons and Undo/Redo card items, even if the user chose an added language.
· Corrected a bug that prevented the access of a section of appliance afterwards that a antecedent attack to acceptation an incorrect book was interrupted.
· Corrected a bug that deleted the alien textures afterwards a accent change in preferences pane.
· Corrected a bug beneath Windows that acquired the conception of too abounding clones during duplication with Ctrl key.
· Corrected a bug beneath Mac OS X 10.5 that prevented to affectation accurately the plan with Java Update 1.
· Developed an beginning on-line adaptation of Sweet Home 3D with ambit that specifies the casework able to save and accessible homes stored on a server.
· Developed a constituent architectonics that allows Java developers to add appearance to Sweet Home 3D based on the com.eteks.sweethome3d.plugin.Plugin and com.eteks.sweethome3d.plugin.PluginAction classes.
· Refactored abounding classes to present a bigger API to constituent developers.
· Replaced JRE 6u6 by JRE 6u11 in Sweet Home 3D installers arranged with Java.
· Improvements in the Russian localization of the advice files by Kazimirov Valentin.
· Added accessory bugs fixes and enhancements.
· Moved the Sweet Home 3D web server to sweethome3d.eu.

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OS: Windows All

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