RequestPolicy 0.3.0

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

RequestPolicy is a Firefox addendum that will advance the aloofness and aegis of your browsing by accepting ascendancy if cross-site requests are accustomed by webpages you visit. Cross-site requests are requests that your browser is told to accomplish by a website you are visiting to a absolutely altered website. Though usually accepted requests, they generally aftereffect in commercial companies and added websites alive your browsing habits, including specific pages you appearance throughout the day. Among the attacks that cross-site requests are acclimated in, they are decidedly alarming with Cross-Site Appeal Forgery (CSRF) attacks area your browser is told to accomplish a appeal to addition website and that added website thinks you (the person) meant to accomplish the request. With RequestPolicy, the absence for any cross-site appeal is to abjure it. Users are notified if requests on the accepted page accept been blocked (the cachet bar banderole figure at the basal appropriate of your browser turns red). Clicking on this cachet bar banderole figure gives you a card area you can appearance and adapt which requests are blocked and allowed. You can whitelist requests you accept of by agent site, destination site, or specific origin-to-destination.

· Firefox: 3.0 – 3.1b3pre

What's New in This Release:

· First time acceptance brings up a window that allows accepted sites to be automatically whitelisted.

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