Protea AntiVirus Tools, ClamAV 2.08.261

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Protea AntiVirus Tools for Lotus Domino antiviral amalgamation is advised to accommodate virus aegis for Lotus Domino. The Avast, Clam AntiVirus and Quick Heal scanners are acclimated to ascertain viruses.

The Protea AntiVirus Tools for Lotus Domino software will do the afterward to ensure your protection:
■ Mail is scanned as it passes through the Lotus Domino environment.
■ Abstracts in the user databases are scanned as set by Administrator.
■ Adulterated and apprehensive mail letters and abstracts are either deleted or quarantined.
■ Users and administrators are notified about adulterated and apprehensive items.
■ Results are adored in a Log.

Here are some key appearance of "Protea AntiVirus Tools, ClamAV":
· The Avast, Clam AntiVirus and Quick Heal scanners are used.
· Different antivirus scanners can be acquainted in.
· Lotus Domino R5.0.3 and college is accurate (Notes/Domino server R5, R6, R6.5 or R7).
· Lotus Domino abstracted server is supported.
· High achievement allows it to analysis up to 18 000 letters per hour.
· Adulterated letters can be convalescent instead of getting deleted.
· E-mail letters with assorted recipients are scanned already afore delivery. No added per-recipient scans are performed.
· The mail letters adviser can action assorted mail boxes.
· Adulterated or apprehensive files are abandoned in the apprehension zone, preventing arrangement infection.
· Optimized speed.

· Lotus Domino R5.0.3 for Windows or higher.
· CPU Pentium 133 or higher.
· Enough deejay amplitude to abundance mail letters and documents.
· 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended).

· Encrypted files cannot be checked.
· Electronic signature may be damaged during the scanning process.
· Files created in OS2 and Macintosh cannot be checked.
· 15 canicule trial

What's New in This Release:
· Support of VirusBuster engine 4.5.14
· The bug of the adapter to the ClamAV antivirus has been fixed

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Size: 1.3 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows NT / 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista

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