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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Create manga and comics from alpha to finish! Anyone Can Actualize Manga and Banana Art! Manga Studio 3.0 Debut allows ambitious artists and hobbyists to actualize able searching atramentous and white manga and banana art. Debut combines all of the capital accoutrement and appearance you charge to actualize manga and comics from alpha to finish.

>> Draw your way. Sketch aboriginal art with a abrasion or tablet, browse in absolute art, or acceptation artwork or cartoon to get started. It?s simple with Manga Studio Debut!
>> Outline your artwork. Ink your assets with absorption application up to 99 layers per page.
>> Add details. Choose from over 1,800 professional-grade awning tones to add detail to your scenes.
>> Adapt with tools. Paint and abolish patterns with affluence application avant-garde concealment tools.
>> Add activity application appropriate effects. Add absorption and acceleration band furnishings in abnormal to accompany activity into your scenes.
>> Add chat to your characters. Calmly accomplish chat balloons.
>> Publish your work. Achievement able superior manga for book or web.

Debut simplifies the architecture action to accomplish it easier and faster for you to actualize able superior artwork.
* Get started quickly. Debut?s automatic interface, 80+ congenital page templates, and blueprint accoutrement accomplish it simple to activate your project.
* Architecture with ability and flexibility. Choose from 1,800 awning tones, dozens of appropriate effects, and absolute pen and besom accoutrement to accord your artwork a different appearance and accomplish that able look.
* Get fast results! Perform complicated tasks with a individual abrasion click. Double your abundance by reusing architecture elements in a flash!

Whether you're a newcomer to manga or a able banana artist, whether you actualize art for plan or for pleasure, Manga Studio Debut will advice you actualize top superior atramentous and white manga and comics.

Draw Your Way
Sketch, browse or acceptation your active artwork directly. Actualize aboriginal sketches application your abrasion or draw by itself with a Pen Tablet. Draw with complete ascendancy and adaptability application a affluent apartment of accustomed accoutrement including pens, pencils, brushes and alternative tools. Use scans of your absolute cardboard artwork or acceptation images or photos for use in your manga creations.

Give Activity to Your Artwork
Choose from over 80 congenital page templates for your page or story, or add your own customized templates. Detail your characters and scenes with a all-inclusive library of awning tones, or actualize your own. Choose from added than 1,800 awning tones in Debut. Calmly add, remove, and alter awning tones with a simple annoyance and drop, or actualize your own.

Amazing Styles & Furnishings Actualize Amazing Styles & Effects
Customize your projects with a ample accumulating of appropriate furnishings and features. Show motion or bolt a reader?s absorption with focus curve and absorption lines. Use acceleration curve to accurate motion or moods, or administer abounding added amazing transformations! Add chat by creating your own Chat Balloons! Draw amazing aftereffect curve bound and calmly with congenital rulers. Calmly add or adapt panels for your pages application the Panel Frame Ruler.

Finish for Book or Agenda Use Accomplishment for Book or PC
Your accomplished artwork can be printed from your desktop, beatific to able printers in agenda format, or achievement in accepted clear formats for agenda use. Manga Studio exports JPG and BMP files. Calmly alteration your plan to added accepted cartoon programs to advance assets for added projects or to add blush to your art.

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