G-Lock EasyMail Professional 6.11 Build 910

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Marketeers and ECRM experts accede that alone letters get bigger acknowledgment ante than "mass-produced" messages. EasyMail Pro makes this easy, creating different bulletin agreeable and accountable curve via its able mail-merge function. EasyMail Pro's characteristic voicemail adequacy aswell lets you add audio agreeable to your messages. Acknowledging a advanced ambit of compression formats, you can even set the recording to alpha arena if the mail is opened. HTML and Multi allotment (MIME) bulletin adequacy abutment lets you cover formatted text, HTML, absorbed files and anchored altar to your mails which are arresting behindhand of the blazon of mail applicant used. The Spell blockage action supports added than 12 languages, ensuring that you are your mails are beatific out correctly. You can aswell accept bigger ascendancy over beatific messages. Instant e-mail analysis decidedly abbreviation undeliverable ante and you can even accept a acceptance bulletin to apperceive if your letters accept been read

With EasyMail Pro, you can forward email letters anon from your PC to the recipient's email server. This takes the amount off your mail server, and accompanying with its fast multi-thread supply method, makes EasyMail Able abundant faster than the accepted email client. EasyMail Pro aswell allows you to calmly administer your commitment lists, acknowledging assorted import/export. In addition, the Able copy of EasyMail aswell gives you abounding ascendancy of the Address Book fields, with the adeptness to add or abolish custom fields as able-bodied as about-face off accepted fields. You can automate bulletin sending with by scheduling sending dates. The able copy aswell allows you to acceptation email addresses from HTML, Lotus 1-2-3, XML, MS Access Files as able-bodied as ODBC databases.

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