FirmTools ShellExtension 2.0 Build 313

Thursday, December 11, 2008

FirmTools ShellExtension is a actual accessible appliance that extends Windows Explorer User Interface with 3 advantageous commands for clear files. ShellExtension from FirmTools adds an advantage to the ambience card that helps you to appearance a thumbnail of any clear file, catechumen it to any of the accurate formats and book it.

Here are some key appearance of "FirmTools ShellExtension":

· Converting supports a lot of of the formats you will anytime need:
GIF - Clear Interchange Format;
JPG , JPEG - Joint Photographic Expert Group format;
BMP - Windows bit-mapped cartoon format;
PNG - Portable Network Cartoon format;
TGA - developed by Truevision;
PSD - Adobe Photoshop;
TIF,TIFF - Universal Clear Architecture for PC and Mac platforms;
SGI - Silicon Cartoon book format, aswell accepted as RGB book format;
RGB, RGBA - Silicon Cartoon RGB formats;
BW - Silicon Cartoon book format;
PGM - Portable graymap book format;
PBM - Portable bitmap book format;
PPM - Portable pixmap book format;
PCX - PC Paintbrush MS-DOS;
PCD - Kodak PhotoCD format.

· The thumbnail advantage is decidedly accessible if you are in a book accessible chat of the affairs that lacks the angel examination functionality. Clicking on the thumbnail will accessible the angel in the absence program.

· For printing, there are no options, you get a centered angel with the book aisle at the top of the page.

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Screenshot :

Size: 513 kB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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