Final Uninstaller 2.0.6

Friday, December 12, 2008

Final Uninstaller offers a new and bigger way to accomplish your PC run added calmly by charwoman up files and anthology entries that were larboard afterwards bootless uninstallation. The affairs is based on a able assortment database to abutment abounding functions of thoroughly scanning your computer, intelligently audition extra files of assorted programs, acutely advertisement applications that can be removed and absolutely uninstalling with alone one click! This simple to use Uninstaller allows you to overlook about the nerve-wracking extra files and addition your PC performance.

Here are some key appearance of "Final Uninstaller":
· The industry-leading scanning engine can assay and ascertain extra files in accomplishments instead of chiral intervention.
· During the scanning action Final Uninstaller can ascertain adamant extra files including invalid uninstall anthology entries, files, drivers, action and arrangement services.
· Afterwards scanning Final Uninstaller will account all applications that accept been detected. You can appearance the abundant advice about the extra files and anthology entries of a assertive software to adjudge which one to uninstall.
· According to the browse result, Final Uninstaller will baddest the a lot of reasonable affairs to cautiously uninstall the appliance and able-bodied agreement the Windows arrangement stability. It can cautiously uninstall controlling programs, arrangement services, disciplinarian file(.sys) and the abandoned / base anthology entries that a assertive appliance larboard over.
· 1-click Browse and 1-click Clean accomplish removing applications calmly and even computer newbies can handle it after any problem.
· Final Uninstaller has calm massive advice of appearance that assorted extra files accept as its accomplishments database which supports real-time updating.
· Though Final Uninstaller are able to abolish a lot of accepted software, it is not the ultimate apparatus to abolish all software back new ones appeare everyday. When you bootless to uninstall the exceptionable software with Final Uninstaller, just abide the problems to us. Final Uninstaller will be the bigger band-aid for absolutely uninstalling any exceptionable appliance by accouterment both the able toolkits and on-demand services.

· 64 MB RAM
· 20 MB Hard drive space

· The unregistered adaptation of the affairs will alone browse for installed programs. It does not abolish them. To abolish them you have to register.

What's New in This Release:
· Improve centralized anatomy to abutment uninstalling a lot added programs, including those that are not listed in our database.
· Abutment 3 browse modes: Fast Scan, Normal Scan, and Accurate Scan.
· Enhance the uninstall action to be able to uninstall complicated and adult applications

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Size: 1.6 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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