File Encryption XP 1.5 Build 126

Sunday, December 7, 2008

File Encryption XP will accredit you to encrypt files of any type, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It protects advice adjoin getting beheld or adapted afterwards your authorization. The reliable and ultra-secure Blowfish algorithm is acclimated for abstracts encryption and no encryption passwords are adored aural the encrypted files. This makes the encryption actual secure. The affairs has a acceptable and automatic interface and so even the a lot of amateur users in the apple of advice aegis can assure their abstracts absolutely easily. A affection that creates self-extracting encrypted files is congenital into the program. These files are absolutely independent which agency that, if you accept the actual password, you can appearance your encrypted files on any Windows PC and you do not charge to install any added encryption software. File Encryption XP can be acclimated as defended book eraser to clean files absolutely and permanently. The affairs adds items into Windows Explorer popup card to abridge encryption, decryption and wiping tasks. File Encryption XP is a book and binder encryption affairs that uses the Blowfish algorithm in his scope. File Encryption XP encrypts files and folders application a able Blowfish algorithm with 384-bit key. Protected files that can be decrypted afterwards Book Encryption XP is a congenital in affairs feature. You can actualize a self-extracting encrypted book and artlessly forward it by mail or accord it to anyone on a billowing disk. If the almsman knows the password, he or she can assassinate this book to get the aboriginal document. In abounding cases we would like to annul the aboriginal afraid book or binder afterwards it has been encrypted. The accepted Windows abatement adjustment is not defended because you can restore such a book in about 100% of cases. File Encryption XP has a reliable abatement adjustment that will absolutely abolish files. This is abnormally advantageous for deleting the antecedent book or binder afterwards encryption so that the alone actual book is the encrypted version. File Encryption XP is abnormally advantageous for alive on a array of accumulator devices. You could install the affairs on a billowing deejay or a beam drive and use it on any Windows PC to which the drive is connected. Book Encryption XP is optimized for alive on disposable media. File Encryption XP has a congenital able countersign architect acceptance you to accomplish new passwords according to the belief you specify. Able passwords are ones absolute high and lower case belletrist as able-bodied as numbers and so they are about absurd to guess. File Encryption XP automatically logs all affairs operations. You can consistently anamnesis what you were accomplishing and if by searching through the log file. You can attenuate this advantage if you adopt added aegis and do not ambition to accumulate a almanac of your activities. When the affairs starts, it looks for all encrypted abstracts on the accepted average and displays the account in the "Search" panel. The "Search" console groups the encrypted files in one abode so it is easier to admission them. You can use this console to break or annul the encrypted files begin by the program. The affairs interface is based on the interface of Windows Explorer. You can accomplish all affairs operations on files and folders just as you would in Windows Explorer. You can adapt any card or toolbar, actualize new ones or change the affairs skin.

Here are some key appearance of "File Encryption XP":
· Encrypting files and folders application the Blowfish algorithm;
· Decrypting files and folders;
· Creating self-extracting encrypted files;
· Removing files and folders absolutely and permanently, this is alleged "wiping";
· Abutment for ample files (4Gb and more);
· Windows Explorer popup card integration;
· Install the affairs to Disposable Device such as a USB anamnesis stick;
· Book Encryption XP has a congenital customizable countersign generator;
· Works on any disposable media (under any Windows operating system);
· Logs all operations to a file;
· Automatically finds and groups encrypted files;
· No software backdoors into the affairs or files;
· No unencrypted acting files anytime created;
· Anamnesis blocks are austere if no best needed.
· All user settings are automatically saved;
· A best of banknote (Office XP, Office 2003 and Windows XP themes);
· Context-sensitive help;
· The absolute interface can be customized to your own requirements;
· Active accessibility support.

· 30 canicule trial
· Nag screen

What's New in This Release:
· new: Encryption of assorted files and folders;
· new: Compression of encrypted files;
· new: Wiping of assorted files and folders;
· new: Clean command in Windows Explorer popup menu;
· new: Icons and advice argument for Book Encryption XP items in Windows Explorer popup menu;
· new: Active accessibility support;
· improved: User interface;
· fixed: Tab key did not plan for aeronautics in capital window.

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Size: 1.4 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows XP/Vista

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