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Thursday, December 18, 2008

You apparently apperceive that you charge a firewall affairs to use the Internet safely. In accession to attention you adjoin attacks from the Internet, a acceptable firewall will aswell acquaint you if programs installed on your computer are aggravating to buzz home and accredit you to anticipate them from accomplishing it. This is something that Windows own firewall doesn't do, and it's capital for anecdotic and endlessly the activities of abounding awful virus and spyware programs. For example, this enables you to anticipate your arrangement from accepting angry into a �zombie� controlled by annihilative hackers or spammers.

Small and able instead of big and confusing
If you don't accept a amount in computer science, application a firewall affairs can be absolutely frustrating. In accession to all the ambagious jargon, accepted firewalls are accepting to be actual big programs. Sometimes you accept the action that you're installing an absolute appointment apartment instead of a basal arrangement tool. The aboriginal Ashampoo FireWall is different. It's Configuration Assistant guides you through every footfall of the the simple bureaucracy process. And Easy Mode makes application it a breeze � you don't charge any appropriate abstruse ability and aggregate is explained clearly. Ashampoo FireWall is aswell amazingly compact. Even with its four added aegis accoutrement it's a tiny affairs that uses actual little anamnesis and computer resources. You get the able aegis after ample afflict on your system.

Self-explanatory user interface
Ashampoo has years of acquaintance in authoritative programs simple to use. The Ashampoo FireWall user interface explains itself, every footfall of the way. The advice is appropriate there on the awning breadth you charge it, so that a lot of users will never charge to argue the help. But abundant advice is aswell there if you charge it.

Activate able appearance if you charge them
This doesn't beggarly that Ashampoo FireWall is a failing program. On the contrary, it has a abounding ambit of able appearance if you wish to use them � just actuate Able Mode and you're accessible to go. For example, in Able Mode you can actualize abundant rules for every program, allegorical absolutely which ports and which types of access you wish to let it use. Experienced users can aswell adviser both bounded breadth arrangement access and the centralized access central your own computer. You aswell get abundant advice on all your computer's internal, LAN and alien access and communications settings and statistics, adapted continuously at user-defined intervals.

Four added arrangement aegis tools
In accession to solid firewall protection, Ashampoo FireWall comes with four added chip accoutrement that can decidedly access your security:
· AutoStart Manager:Both approved programs and awful programs generally configure themselves to alpha automatically with Windows. This can be both annoying and dangerous. This apparatus shows all auto-starting programs and enables you to attenuate them.
· Arrangement Processes Monitor:Shows you all the processes active on your arrangement and enables you to stop them. Useful for anecdotic and killing awful programs.
· Internet Cleaner:Wipes all traces of your surfing action from your computer to assure your privacy.
· IP Spam Blocker:Prevents annoying popup spam on the desktop that is beatific application the Windows messaging account (not to be abashed with the Windows Messenger burning messaging program).

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