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Monday, November 24, 2008

The WildPackets Arrangement Calculator appliance was advised to be a multi-function annual for the arrangement assay professional. The Arrangement Calculator includes the Hexpert Calculator (binary-decimal-hexadecimal abject conversion), the IP Subnet Calculator (subnet/supernet abode computation), and the Cessation Calculator (latency adding beyond assorted LANs and WANs) in one, acceptable program.

Latency Calculator
The Cessation Statistics tab gives you the affected almost one way or annular cruise cessation data. You may accept to appearance the abstracts as traveling from applicant to server, server to client, or applicant to server and back. The time a packet spends on the wire of anniversary arrangement is bent by the packet size, bandwidth and advancement delay. Latency Graphs are provided for easier compassionate or a quick appearance of how abundant adjournment anniversary arrangement introduces. Anniversary blush on the blueprint corresponds to the allotment of time a arrangement contributes to the absolute cruise time.

Hexpert Calculator
The Abject Lookup table is provided as a quick abject about-face advertence for around any ambit of numbers that you specify. By default, numbers 0 through 255 are shown. But if you ambition to see what numbers 12345 through 54321 attending like in hexadecimal, bifold and octal (doesn't everybody?), again you can. The Bit-Swapper is new to adaptation 3 of the Hexpert Calculator. Here, you access a amount in the abject of your best and the Bit-Swapper reverses that amount either on a byte-by-byte abject or over the absolute breadth of that value. The OUI Finder is also, afresh affection in adaptation 3. The OUI Finder instantly searches about 3,500 OUIs for one that you specify. If found, it allotment the architect of the arrangement interface agenda possessing that OUI. In addition, the OUI Finder automatically searches for the bit-swapped version, too.

IP Subnet Calculator
The Abode Info Tab displays the chic of abode and ambit of addresses for that class, a color-coded bit map for that chic of address, the bifold representation of that address, and the hexadecimal representation of the address. The Subnet Info Tab allows you to access subnet advice in 5 altered ways: by amount of subnet bits, amount of absolute affectation bits, amount of subnets, amount of hosts, or just the subnet affectation in dotted decimal notation. For the advice entered, the Calculator generates a color-coded bit map breaking down the network, subnet and host portion, shows you the subnet host abode range, the subnet ID and subnet advertisement address. The Subnet/Hosts Tab generates a table assuming the subnet ID, host ambit of IP addresses, and the subnet advertisement abode over a ambit of user-selectable subnets. The CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) Tab is decidedly absorbing for ISPs or corporations with abounding Chic C addresses as it displays advice on supernetting (collecting assorted IP addresses together). Within the CIDR Tab, you can access an IP abode and the amount of supernet $.25 you ambition to use, and the Calculator will affectation the amount of accessible supernets and their abode allocation range. The avenue abode and supernet masks acclimated are displayed in dotted decimal and dotted hexadecimal notation.

NOTE: To analysis the appliance you will charge to optain a allotment key. You can annals and annual actuality to accept the key.

Here are some key appearance of "WildPackets Arrangement Calculator":
· Cessation Calculator
· The Arrangement Setup tab allows you to admit and position networks amid two nodes, a applicant and a server.
· Hexpert Calculator
· The Abject Converter is area fast decimal to hexadecimal to bifold to octal abject about-face takes place. As you blazon numbers in one base, agnate numbers are apparent in the added three.
· IP Subnet Calculator
· Given an IP chic A, B or C address, several pieces of advice can be displayed about that abode by selecting one of four tabs: the Abode Info, Subnet Info, Subnet/Hosts or CIDR tab.

· Pentium 90 or bigger processor is recommended.

What's New in This Release:
· Miscellaneous corrections

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