Vista Transformation Pack 9.0

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm appealing abiding you accept to apperceive and accept apparent Windows Vista before. It looks absolutely nice for above GUI updates. Many humans who accept apparent it ambition to get Vista-style looks for their operating system. It ability sounds brainless to say this back you all apperceive what it is but just buck it. Vista Transformation Backpack will transform your Windows user interface to ultimate Windows Vista akin looks that anybody will never apprehension it's the aforementioned old Windows XP (or 2003). Vista Transformation Backpack gives to your Windows XP arrangement the beginning and air-conditioned attending of Microsoft's new operating system: Windows Vista. The backpack changes a lot of of the arrangement icons, banknote and toolbars and aswell adds new enhancements to your desktop. You abiding will be afraid if you apprehend this. From now on you can amend Vista Transformation Backpack after uninstalling and you can even accommodate Vista Transformation Backpack into Windows bureaucracy files. (Still experimental, admitting but a lot of of them are accomplished abundant to be implemented).

Here are some key appearance of "Vista Transformation Pack":
· Cossack screen
· Welcome Awning / Logon Screen
· New msstyles files (visual styles)
· New desktop and book icons
· New toolbar icons
· Progress Dialogs
· Sounds scheme
· Arrangement Tray icons
· New Wallpapers
· Windows Media Player Skins

What's New in This Release:
· Added Gavatx's Vista Rainbar 4.3 (Slim) in abode of Thoosje's Vista Sidebar
· Added ample figure resizing advantage for top resolution monitors
· Added Personalization bureaucracy awning for configuring accepted user annual afore installation
· Added active ViStart, ViOrb and ViSplore to WindowBlinds and TrueTransparency's exclusion annual (prevent adherence issues)
· Added ViSplore activity (Vista Bottle Charlatan for Windows XP/2003)
· Added Vista Drive Figure in abode of Vista Windows Drive Icon
· Added Windows XP Service Backpack 3 uxtheme patching compatibilities
· Fixed automate 3rd-party applications enhancement requirements
· Fixed clear disciplinarian apprehension issues in transformation amalgamation for cases that doesn't use the aboriginal aperture of driver
· Fixed OS apprehension incompatibilities with Windows Vista
· Fixed accessible errors if auto-configuring user annual during accession after "Express Mode"
· Fixed Thoosje Sidebar's auto-configuration bug on some resolutions.
· Fixed uninstallation Software to abolish anew added applications such as WinFlip, TrueTransparency, etc.
· Fixed Vista orb accession in "System Properties" dialog
· Fixed WindowBlinds' accession apprehension bug in configure user annual dialog
· Updated Aero Style's bottle bound for added afterimage and beneath baloney for both WindowBlinds and TrueTransparency
· Updated AeroStyle's bottle bound in TrueTransparency to simulate "little-blurring-like" WindowBlinds
· Updated cossack awning to acceptable ones after Vista flag
· Updated configure user account's installed apparatus and applications UI
· Updated "Glass" sounds arrangement from Windows Vista's Ultimate Extras
· Updated accession branding bar image
· Updated TrueTransparency to adaptation 0.9.4
· Updated ViOrb to adaptation 1 (C++ re-written)
· Added alpha orb's appropriate bang menu
· Fixed angle accretion if charlatan carapace is reloaded
· Fixed consistently on top afterimage issues with some applications including ViStart
· Updated alpha orb clear to for all abandon compatibilities
· Updated ViStart to adaptation 2.0 body 3467
· Added chantry customization affection in settings.xml
· Added indexing book seek abutment like Vista (you can seek for addendum with .ext)
· Added "Reset Shell" in card advantage to reload charlatan forth with ViStart
· Added multi-DPI Support
· Fixed Chinese characters affair with Recent Documents
· Fixed angle accretion if charlatan carapace is reloaded
· Fixed alpha menu's hooking believability with abounding awning and resolution changes
· Fixed aberrant ActiveX errors
· Updated Beheld style's top taskbar accomplishments to accept the aforementioned angel as bottom's like Vista
· Updated WinFlip to adaptation 0.50
· Updated diction in some areas for easier understanding
· Updated x64 operating systems compatibilities

Reasons why this affairs is apparent as adware:
· Changes browser homepage to

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