VisNetic MailServer 9.3.2 Build 0

Thursday, November 27, 2008

VisNetic Mail Server is a able multi-featured mail server for Windows operating systems. VisNetic Mail Server can be accountant for any admeasurement alignment as able-bodied as ISP and ASP environments. VisNetic Mail Server combines a simple, easy-to-use administering animate with incomparable mail server security, speed, and scalability. VisNetic Mail Server appearance abutment for Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL). Instant Anti Spam is a complete spam clarification band-aid congenital into VisNetic Mail Server. Burning Anti Spam combines the a lot of able anti spam technologies into one able band-aid that blocks added spam than any added mail server. Spamming techniques change at a accelerated pace. By layering multiple, able and awful configurable spam blocking methodologies, VisNetic Mail Server provides incomparable anti spam capabilities. No added mail server offers this absolute arrangement of spam clarification accoutrement natively. Users of aggressive mail servers have to acquirement and arrange abstracted anti spam technologies to ability the spam clarification adequacy of VisNetic Mail Server. VisNetic WebMail is a congenital web mail server that allows VisNetic Mail Server annual holders to admission their email messages, folders and abode books from any accepted web browser on an Internet enabled computer. This chip web mail server supports the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) protocol, accouterment annual admission via a corpuscle buzz or PDA, and includes assorted skins, a customizable web interface and assorted accent support. VisNetic Mail Server includes a secure, proprietary Burning Messaging server, accordant with the Jabber accessible XML protocol. Burning letters amid the IM server and any Jabber-compatible IM applicant are anchored application SSL/TLS encryption. IM transmissions amid VisNetic Mail Server's IM server and any Jabber-compatible IM server amid alfresco your alignment are aswell anchored via SSL/TLS. VisNetic MailServer is a POP3, SMTP & IMAP mail server.

Here are some key appearance of "VisNetic MailServer":
· Anti spam technology that keeps clip with spam
· Chip abutment for antivirus software
· VisNetic WebMail, a customizable web mail server
· Defended burning messaging server
· VisNetic GroupWare, aggregate calendaring software absolutely chip with Microsoft Outlook and VisNetic WebMail
· Simple administering animate with customizable toolbar.

· CPU PII 750Mhz
· 256 MB RAM
· Added RAM is appropriate as user accounts are added; 6 - 50 users, 512 MB; 50 to 2000 users, 1GB; Over 5000 users, 2GB, added ODBC..
· Typical hard-disk amplitude required: 30 MB, added deejay amplitude appropriate for mail storage.
· TCP/IP is appropriate for bounded LAN operation; for Internet operation, admission to the Internet, applicative TCP Ports opened at the Gateway Firewall and a appropriately configured MX almanac for the host name at the DNS server are required.

· 30 day evaluation.

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Screenshot :

Size: 42.9 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista

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