SQLyog 7.14 Beta 1 / 7.13

Saturday, November 29, 2008

SQLyog is an simple to use, bunched and actual fast graphical apparatus to administer your MySQL database anywhere in the world. SQLyog is a apparatus that allows you to administer MySQL database.

Here are some key appearance of "SQLyog":
· MySQL 4.1.x compatible
· HTTP and SSH Tunneling - smartly administer your MySQL server even if the MySQL anchorage is blocked or limited admission to MySQL is disallowed!
· actual fast retrieval of data
· ODBC Acceptation with advantage to acceptation abstracts through query
· abstracts synchronization tool
· able appointed advancement with email notifications
· agenda assorted jobs
· action synchronization tool
· dialogless aftereffect editor with advantage to amend assorted tables
· notification services
· multithreaded concern beheading with advantage to stop continued active queries
· administer adopted key relationships
· absolutely InnoDB compliant
· appearance your after-effects in GRID / TEXT mode
· fast applicant ancillary allocation and filtering
· assassinate (very large) SQL-scripts as accumulation files
· assassinate assorted queries abiding added than 1000s of rows per resultset. It's actual able in memory
· actual bunched binary
· accounting absolutely in C/C++/Win32 APIs application built-in MySQL C APIs. No adhesive classes used
· affiliation manager
· excel like filigree interface to create/alter tables
· excel like filigree interface to adapt abstracts with abutment for Enum/Set
· create/drop databases
· administer indexes
· absolute aegis manager. Control admission to databases / tables / columns
· alter columns of table
· archetype database amid two MySQL hosts
· bead all tables of a database with a individual click
· adapt BLOBs with Bitmap/GIF/JPEG-Support
· consign table-structure and abstracts into SQL-scripts
· export/import abstracts in/from CSV files
· consign database action in HTML
· log all queries for a session
· contour queries
· syntax-highlighting
· save resultset in CSV, HTML and XML
· save your frequently acclimated SQL scripts in a claimed binder with a bang of mouse
· is actual keyboard friendly. You can plan with 99% appearance of SQLyog with keyboard.
· appearance and annihilate added user-processes
· appearance avant-garde table-properties, such as Type, Comment, Key_Length and so on
· a account of server-variables e.g processlist, status, variables etc
· archetype your aftereffect as CSV in clipboard
· archetype tables to new table-names
· change table-types to ISAM, MYISAM, MERGE, HEAP, InnoDB, BDB
· even Host/Logs/Privileges/Tables
· do table-diagnostics (check, optimize, repair, analyze)

What's New in This Release:
· Action Sync did not analyze “default NULL” and “default ” (empty string)” for cord types.
· If assorted access were accessible in one affairs instance and one affiliation was in wait-state (for instance due to a TABLE LOCK), the accomplished affairs could become non-responding.
· If a server cilia active a concern beatific by SQLyog was killed, SQLyog would not consistently ascertain it. The affiliation window associated with that cilia would again break in wait-state forever. Due to the ‘multiple access issue’ as declared just aloft aswell the accomplished affairs could be affected.
· With MySQL servers 4.0 and afore and if abutting with HTTP-tunnel, SQLyog could forward an invalid SET SQL_MODE account if artful ample amounts of data. The archetype operation would again abort. This bug was alien in 7.12.
· Reconnecting while clearing Object Browser could blast SQLyog.
· Fixed 2 attenuate crashes in Action Sync and DATA tab (reported internally).
· Fixed a bug with ‘replace’ in editor. ‘replace’ took aftereffect *after* cursor position not *from* cursor position, so if cursor was positioned central the cord to be replaced that accurate instance would not replace.
· Refreshing the GRID confused the cursor to ‘home’ position.
· Fixed a bug in Autocomplete transaction administration (introduced in 7.13) that could could cause a blast at statup.

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