Shoreline Firewall 4.2.1

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shoreline Firewall, added frequently accepted as "Shorewall", is high-level apparatus for configuring Netfilter. You call your firewall/gateway requirements application entries in a set of agreement files. Shorewall reads those agreement files and with the advice of the iptables utility, Shorewall configures Netfilter to bout your requirements. Shorewall can be acclimated on a committed firewall system, a multi-function gateway/router/server or on a standalone GNU/Linux system. Shorewall does not use Netfilter's ipchains affinity approach and can appropriately yield advantage of Netfilter's affiliation accompaniment tracking capabilities. Shorewall is not a daemon. Once Shorewall has configured Netfilter, it's job is complete and there is no "Shorewall process" larboard active in your system.

Here are some key appearance of "Shoreline Firewall":
· Uses Netfilter's affiliation tracking accessories for stateful packet filtering.
· Can be acclimated in a advanced ambit of router/firewall/gateway applications .
· Completely customizable application agreement files.
· No absolute on the amount of arrangement interfaces.
· Allows you to allotment the arrangement into zones and gives you complete ascendancy over the access acceptable amid anniversary brace of zones.
· Assorted interfaces per area and assorted zones per interface permitted.
· Supports nested and overlapping zones.
· QuickStart Guides (HOWTOs) to advice get your aboriginal firewall up and active quickly
· A GUI is accessible via Webmin 1.060 and after (
· Extensive affidavit in accessible in both XML and HTML formats.

Flexible abode management/routing abutment (and you can use all types in the aforementioned firewall):
· Masquerading/SNAT.
· Port Forwarding (DNAT).
· One-to-one NAT.
· Proxy ARP.
· NETMAP (requires a 2.6 atom or a patched 2.4 kernel).
· Blacklisting of alone IP addresses and subnetworks is supported.
· Operational Support.
· Commands to start, stop and bright the firewall
· Supports cachet ecology with an aural anxiety if an ��interesting�packet is detectez.
· Advanced array of advisory commands.
· VPN Support.
· IPSEC, GRE, IPIP and OpenVPN Tunnels.
· PPTP audience and Servers.
· Abutment for Traffic Control/Shaping affiliation (although Shorewall itself contains no Traffic/Bandwidth ascendancy facilities).
· Advanced abutment for altered GNU/Linux Distributions.
· RPM and Debian bales available.
· Includes automatic install, upgrade, fallback and uninstall accessories for users who can't use or accept not to use the RPM or Debian packages.
· Included as a accepted allotment of LEAF/Bering (router/firewall on a floppy, CD or bunched flash).
· Media Access Ascendancy (MAC) Abode Verification.
· Traffic Accounting.
· Bridge/Firewall abutment (requires a 2.6 atom or a patched 2.4 kernel).

What's New in This Release:
· Added CONNBYTES to tcrules manpage. Flesh out description of HELPER.
· Fixed accessory CONNBYTES alteration issue.
· Add CONNLIMIT to action and rules.
· Allow use of iptables-1.4.1.
· Add time bout support.
· Applied Lennart Sorensen's application for breadth match.
· Yield advantage --ctorigdstport
· Fix syntax absurdity in 'export'

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