Racer 0.5.3b

Friday, November 21, 2008

Racer is a chargeless car simulation project, application absolute car physics to get a astute feeling. Cars, tracks, scenes and such can be created with about artlessness in apperception (compared to added active simulations). The 3D and added book formats are, or should be, documented. Editors and abutment programs are aswell accessible to get a absolute adjustable and abundant simulator. It uses OpenGL for rendering. It attempts to do able-bodied at the physics section, aggravating to actualize life-like cars to accent car ascendancy and doesn't cut aback on accuracy in the absorption of fun. If you've played Grand Prix Legends from Papyrus, you'll apperceive what I'm talking about.

Here are some key appearance of "Racer":
· It's absolutely free! (for non-commercial use)
· Accessible for assorted platforms; Windows 2000/XP (95/98/ME may plan but accept some agitation with fonts), Linux and Mac OS X.
· 6 DOF models acclimated (the car can move about freely)
· Uses motion formulae from absolute engineering abstracts from SAE for example.
· Total flexibility; about aggregate is customizable through ASCII files.
· Commercial-quality apprehension engine (with smoke, skidmarks, sparks, sun, flares, vertex-color lit tracks).
· Abutment for Matrox' Surround Gaming. See the agnate page on Matrox' site.
· Lots of addon cars and advance accessible on the web.
· Easy affiliation of your own cars and advance that you actualize in ZModeler, 3D Studio Max(tm), Maya etc.
· At atomic 15 degrees of abandon for a approved car (6 DOF for the car body, 1 for anniversary wheel's vertical motion and 1 for anniversary caster spinning, and 1 for the engine, several added for the driveline). Depending in fact on how abounding auto you put on the car.
· Real-time centralized clock; no concrete annex on framerate. Controller updates are aswell done apart of the framerate.
· Not bound to 4 wheels; annihilation from 2 to 8 caster cars are currently accurate (but mostly untested, and some problems with hardcoded differentials for archetype may abide (v0.5.0)).
· Not abundant constraints on the clue data; apparent advice is taken from polygon abstracts (VRML tracks), and splines are acclimated to bland out the clue apparent (polygons are too acrid for active on just like that).
· Tools to adapt the cars & advance are advisedly accessible on this website (though alien utilities are recommended for best results).
· Some acclimated algorithms are explained on this site. Also, references are available. If you are programming a carsim, you ability acquisition something advantageous here.

· Full 6 amount of abandon motion of the car chassis.
· Independent abeyance for all wheels.
· Suspension features: springs, dampers, anti-rollbar, rollcenter, anti-pitch.
· Wheel features: camber, caster hop (the auto accept mass), toe.
· Tires: Pacejka annoy model, alleviation length.

· View frustum alternative for added framerate.
· Shader arrangement for Quake-style rendering.
· Fog bound per track.
· Environment mapping for agleam materials.
· Live clue ambiance mapping.

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Size: 14.09 mB
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OS: Windows All

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