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Monday, November 24, 2008

PowerDVD - Play the broadest ambit of audio and video files and formats. Adore the smoothest, brightest, and a lot of accustomed visuals. Using PowerDVD you can acquaintance high-definition audio and 8-channel expansion. Navigate bound with shortcuts, bookmarks and added air-conditioned controls. Expand your appearance online with DVD accessory packs

Unsurpassed Video Quality

Intensely Vivid Images
The additional bearing of CyberLink's world-renowned video acceptable technology makes images brighter and colors added natural. CLEV-2 adjusts a scene's blush and luminance to enhance angel detail, and appropriately achieves the best accessible after-effects for LCD/CRT monitors and playback of ever aphotic or ablaze DVD movies.

Smart Video Deinterlacing
CyberLink's adaptive video deinterlacing technology ensures a smoother and clearer video angel while arena video files and DVDs. Deinterlacing is certain as a aftereffect of arena interlaced DVD video on avant-garde high-definition (mainly non-interlaced) displays (e.g. TVs). Without avant-garde deinterlacing, video can arise jagged, blotchy, shadowy, or blurry. CyberLink's able deinterlacing technology retains video superior and minimizes baloney by allegory video frame-by-frame and dynamically applying adaptive deinterlacing alone if necessary. Users aswell accept a best of deinterlacing options, including automated deinterlacing or user-defined settings. Defining how deinterlacing is performed and by what algorithm is aswell an option: Pixel Adaptive, Median or Bob.

Multi-Display Ratios
PowerDVD supports assorted affectation ratios, absolution users play 4:3 DVD movies on widescreen displays and 16:9 DVD movies on 4:3 displays. A accustomed addition technology is activated to abstain losses that would contrarily be created by Pan & Scan agriculture or Letterbox display

Superior Audio Fidelity

Cinematic Beleaguer Sound
The additional bearing of CyberLink's proprietary audio technology expands 2-channel audio into multi-channel audio (e.g. CD broadcast to 5.1 channels). CLMEI-2 maps stereo or accepted beleaguer complete and converts it for achievement via a best of 7.1-channel systems. Music mode, Cine mode, and the different Onstage music modes are offered.

Virtual Beleaguer Sound
CyberLink's Basic Beleaguer technologies simulates the activity of beleaguer complete if multi-channel audio is played via two speakers or headphones (CLVS and CLHP). PowerDVD provides a best of three audio environments for CLVS: Living Room, Theater, and Stadium.

Virtual Beleaguer Sound
CyberLink Headphone and CyberLink Basic Beleaguer let you adore a added complete angel and basic beleaguer acquaintance via two speakers or headphones.

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