Portable Private Disk Light 1.22

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dekart Private Deejay Light creates a basic encrypted deejay aural a book and mounts it as a absolute disk. Encryption is acutely fast, automatic, on-the-fly and with no achievement loss. Private Deejay Light uses NIST certified AES 128-bit encryption to assure arcane information. Once a user creates a basic encrypted disk, that deejay is assigned a new drive letter and appears to the user like any added arrangement drive (like the A: or C: drive). If the encrypted deejay is mounted, the abstracts is automatically encrypted and decrypted if the user writes or reads this abstracts respectively. Private Deejay Light is actual simple to use and takes alone a few account to install. Abstracts encryption is an effortless process, acute alone the artful of files into the appointed defended drive.

Here are some key appearance of "Portable Private Deejay Light":
· Actualize encrypted disks
· Arise and unmount encrypted disks
· Support of a lot of commands from the command line
· Disable avenue acceptance chat from GUI
· Hide arrangement tray figure from GUI
· Check if the new adaptation is accessible � optionally

What's New in This Release:
· added quick deejay conception advantage (allows to actualize a file-image after bushing it with accidental data)
· doesn't acquiesce to blazon a basic disk's admeasurement added than accustomed by FAT/FAT32
· shows estimated time of deejay conception process
· allows to address about installed componets through About-dialog in details
· anchored bug with amiss Private Deejay Light behaviour, if starting Private Deejay Light from command band from a specific agenda and sending a file-image name after abounding aisle produced no results
· anchored bug with impossibility to use the annal controls to admeasurement the new deejay allotment if harder deejay chargeless amplitude is added than 32G
· anchored bug with "Write protected" absurdity if aggravating to apprehend the NTFS-disk on Windows 2000
· anchored bug with "the deejay is address protected" admonishing bulletin if arise encrypted deejay from a address adequate USB-disk
· anchored bug with casual freezing during deejay mounting/dismounting or arrangement rebooting
· anchored bug with blackout if try to arise a file-image with aught length
· anchored bug with deejay ascent absurdity if a file-image is added than 32G and it's confused to addition place

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Screenshot :

Size: 359 kB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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