Pismo File Mount Audit Package

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pismo Book Arise Audit Package is a Windows appliance that allows users to arise the capacity of files to the book arrangement as read-only and read-write folders. Abutment for a array of book formats is included. Developers can add abutment for added book formats and basic book systems application the included developer affidavit and abutment files.

- ZIP reader- Most zip annal files can be army as read-only folders to acquiesce admission to contents, including the adeptness to assassinate independent applications.
- ISO CD and DVD angel reader-DVD and CD ISO angel files can be army in abode as a read-only folder. This allows absolute admission to capacity through the book system, after aboriginal afire to media.
- Private Folders- Clandestine binder book systems can be created and acclimated to abundance acute abstracts files and applications in an encrypted and aeroembolism alembic file. Clandestine folders are created application a countersign to accomplish the encryption key. Once the countersign is provided at arise time, the adequate capacity of the clandestine binder become attainable in abode through the book system.
- Explorer integration- Most functionality is accessible in the carapace application ambience airheaded and drag-drop operations.
- Full book arrangement support-All congenital Windows book systems and 3rd affair book systems are supported. Files on local, removable, and arrangement device, can be mounted.
- Command band interface- All functionality is accessible through the command line, acceptance scripting and automation.

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Size: 1.38 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

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