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Friday, November 14, 2008

MSN Messenger allows you to babble online, in absolute time, with family, accompany and colleagues. It's faster than e-mail, added alert than a buzz call, and best of all � it's free! MSN Messenger is added than just text, it's a abundant way to coact with co-workers or blow abject with ancestors and friends. You can even forward an burning bulletin to a contact's adaptable phone. Customization appearance advice you personalize your chats and accomplish your access even added meaningful.

Here are some key appearance of "MSN Messenger 7":
Stay in blow with friends, family, and coworkers about the world.
· Forward burning letters to any of your contacts who are online. Determine at a glance which accompany are accessible to talk.
· Accept a babble with a accumulation of friends. Invite up to 20 accompany to participate in the aforementioned conversation.
· See the latest advice about your contacts. Bang your contacts' cachet icons to see a acquaintance agenda that displays their accepted advice and, if they accept to accommodate it, a hotlink to their MSN Spaces site.
· See and apprehend your contacts. Use the new Video Babble affection to accomplish communicating with video clearer and bluff than ever. Use full-screen conferencing for added immersion.
· Forward and accept argument letters with a adaptable device. Use your computer to barter burning letters with abounding models of adaptable devices. You can aswell forward letters to MSN Direct watch.
· Forward and accept burning letters with your adaptable contacts. Added adaptable messaging lets you babble with a adaptable acquaintance in the aforementioned way that babble with a approved PC contact. This affection varies depending aloft your region, your contact's adaptable carrier and adaptable device.
· Forward a articulation blow to accurate yourself personally. Sometimes a bulletin doesn't back what you absolutely feel. Now you can allege your burning bulletin instead of accounting it. Articulation clips are small, 15-second articulation clips that you forward to your contacts.
· Save your conversations. Keep those important account and funny exchanges as continued as you wish by extenuative all your MSN Messenger conversations automatically. This affection requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Make new friends.
· Actualize your own amplitude on MSN Spaces. Easily allotment your thoughts, photos, and interests on the Web.
· Actualize a accessible profile. Introduce yourself by allegorical others about your hobbies and interests. You can aswell yield a attending at the profiles of added humans in your conversation.

Access advantageous information.
You can adapt the tabs in the MSN Messenger capital window any way you want. Tabs that arise can include:
· The MSNBC tab delivers civic and bounded news.
· The Expedia tab helps you plan your travel.
· The MSN Arcade tab offers simple online shopping.
· The CNBC and MSN Money tab guides you through money administration and investing.
· The MSN Autos tab offers bounded cartage account and gas prices.
· The MSN Amateur tab lets you claiming your accompany to an online bold no amount area they are.

Be artistic and accept fun!
· Allotment activities with ancestors and friends. Play games. View photos. Listen to music. Transfer files. Draw pictures.
· Accept a affectation picture. Select from a array of affectation pictures (An angel associated with your affectation name that helps others admit you. It appears in the capital Messenger window, and in all babble windows. ) or actualize your own. For an even added variety, you can aswell install absolute and different activating affectation pictures from our accomplice sites.
· Accurate your feelings. Add emoticons (A baby angel that can be amid into a bulletin to represent a assertive affection or attitude. ) to your letters or actualize your own. You can install a array of emoticons from our accomplice sites.
· Change your claimed message. Actualize your own claimed bulletin (A customized bulletin that appears next to the acquaintance name in the MSN Messenger capital window.) , and change it as generally as you want.
· Allotment your music titles. Appearance your contacts what song you are alert to on Microsoft Windows Media Player.
· Personalize your accomplishments images. Select a air-conditioned accomplishments (A blush or angel that appears as a accomplishments in the babble window, agnate to wallpaper.) for your babble window (The window you use to forward and accept burning messages.) or actualize a accomplishments from one of your admired photos. Use the Allotment advantage to appearance your accomplishments angel to others and see what angel they're using.
· Get Activating Backgrounds for activated fun and color. Activating Backgrounds add action and alternation to your babble window. You can aswell allotment your backgrounds with your accompany so all of you can be on the aforementioned page.

Stay safe.
· Block letters from specific people. Don't abide harassment. With the bang of a button, you can block a acquaintance from sending letters to you or seeing your cachet (Indicates at a glance whether a acquaintance is active in to MSN Messenger and able to accept burning messages. Cachet appears in parentheses next to the affectation names.) .
· Block letters from humans you don't know. Advice assure your aloofness by akin admission letters from humans who are not on your acquiesce account (The account of humans who can see if you are online and can acquaintance you. ) .
· Control whom your adolescent talks to. Monitor your child's use of MSN Messenger by application the Parental Controls feature. An online action address tells you how abundant time your adolescent spends application MSN Messenger and whom your adolescent talks to.

· Pentium PC with 233MHz processor or faster (500MHz recommended)
· Minimum 64MB of RAM (128MB recommended)
· Up to 50MB of harder deejay amplitude bare to install - afterwards install, up to 15MB may be needed
· 256-color VGA or college resolution cartoon agenda (SVGA recommended)
· Minimum 800x600 awning resolution
· Microsoft� Internet Explorer adaptation 6.0 or after have to be installed on your computer, admitting it does not charge to be your absence browser

Reasons why this affairs is apparent as adware:
· MSN Toolbar /
· MSN Search

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