Linux Mint 5.0

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Linux Mint's purpose is to aftermath an elegant, up to date and adequate GNU/Linux desktop distribution.

Is Linux Mint acceptable for companies?
Yes. Linux Mint offers paid bartering abutment to companies and individuals. Chargeless association abutment is aswell accessible from the forums and the IRC channel. The capital purpose of Linux Mint is to innovate and consistently accompany the best desktop solutions to its users. For this reason, the absolution aeon is fast and a new adaptation of Linux Mint can be appear every ages or every two months. All appear versions of Linux Mint are actively accurate and some of the releases (possibly Bianca or Cassandra) will appear with a Long Term Abutment agreement (a agreement that our Abutment Center will abutment these releases for the years to come).

Is Linux Mint acceptable for individuals?
Yes, definitely. We accept Linux is the best operating arrangement on the market. There are added than 300 alive Linux distributions and we're alive harder at acceptable the best another for your desktop. This is a boxy antagonism as there are added abundant desktop operating systems and distributions out there. We accept acceptance in the superior of our desktop and a lot of abundant ideas. If your computer is a PC and you accept added than 512MB RAM you should try Linux Mint and see what you anticipate about it. If you're active a 5 years old non-free operating arrangement such as Microsoft Windows XP you should absolutely be impressed. We like audition about your acquaintance and demography your suggestions onboard so amuse accord us your feedback.

Why is there a Light Edition and a Full Edition?
Linux Mint respects the GPL and it aswell respects the copyrights and licenses of the proprietary software it distributes. However it uses technologies that accept been patented in some locations of the World. A lot of countries do not admit the angary of software patents so for a lot of of our users this is not a problem. But if you're afflicted and you reside in a country area software patents are accurately enforcable, you charge a adaptation of Linux Mint which is chargeless of patented technologies, and this is what the Light Edition is about.

Why does Linux Mint cover proprietary drivers?
It doesn't. If it did, it would be accurately amiss (because it would breach the GPL) or ethically amiss (if some bedraggled ambush was acclimated for the user to hotlink the cipher to the atom for instance).

What about proprietary software?
We accept in accessible antecedent and absolution all our plan with the agnate antecedent code. We owe a lot to the Chargeless Software movement and to the GPL but we aswell owe a lot to all the developers who contributed account and accoutrement and who fabricated software bigger and bigger throughout the years. Some of them appear their antecedent cipher as able-bodied and appropriately accepted us added abandon and added flexibility. Others appear their software with proprietary licenses and although this didn't accord us the abandon we would accept admired it still contributed to accomplish software better. We like Software in general, Chargeless Software even more, but we do not accept in boycotting Proprietary Software.

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