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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Konvertor is a multimedia viewer/converter acknowledging about-face a part of 1309 photo, image, audio, video, action and argument formats bound and easily. Konvertor is able to affectation and catechumen a part of about all multimedia formats conceivable. With Konvertor you accept the adeptness to display, catechumen and adapt all your pictures, graphics, videos and music with alone descriptions, so you can acquisition them quickly. Konvertor gives you intuitive, professional-quality imaging accoutrement to get, view, modify, organize, enhance and book your images quickly. Enjoy a adjustable and able user interface, and get fast operation with above superior angel display. Konvertor allows the about-face amid abounding book formats. Just baddest the files to convert, accept a architecture and that's all ! 160 Filters are accessible (resizing, blur, noise, charcoal etc.) to modify/enhance your images. Konvertor is aswell an "add-on" for Windows Explorer that saves time and increases abundance by acceptance you to examination images. Simply right-click a adapted file, and you will accept actual admission to a thumbnail examination of the angel as able-bodied as the adeptness to bound catechumen the book of any of the accurate formats, forward the book by email, set the angel as your Windows wallpaper and more.

Here are some key appearance of "Konvertor":
· For images: Auto-Trim, Crop, Deskew, Flip, Mirror, Resample, Resize, Rotate, Shear, Add Noise, Anti-Alias, Average, Bending, Border Remove
· Brightness, Buttonize, Color Resolution, Colored Gray, Contour
· Contrast, Cylindrical, Despeckle, Dilate, Dot Remove, DPI Resolution
· Edge Detector, Emboss, Erode, Etch, Gamma Correct, Gaussian Blur
· Glow, Gradient, Grayscale, Half-Tone, HistoContrast, Hole Punch Remove
· Hue, Impressionist, Intensity Detect, Invert, Invert Text, Laplacian
· Line Remove, Line Segment, Max Filter, Median, Min Filter, Mosaic
· Motion Blur, Multiply, Oilify, Old Photo, Pixelate, Polar, Posterize, Prewitt
· Punch, Radial Wave, Ripple, Saturation, Sharpen, Smooth, Sobel, Solarize
· Swirl, Unsharp, Wave, and more!
· Quick photo retouch integrated, able and simple to use
· Category Management enabling to allocate a photo in x categories or albums
· Retouch seek on Exif, IPTC infos
· Digital watermarker
· Able impressions functions: thumbnailed images, presetted sizes, legends
· Catechumen ascii TXT files to images
· About-face from clipboard
· Hexadecimal display
· Screen capture
· Resources abstraction from exe, dll, ocx, vbx etc...
· Slide appearance with alteration effects
· Explorer add-on
· Abounding abutment of LAME and BladeEnc encoders
· Visualization/extraction from ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, CAB, LZH, LHA aeroembolism files
· Abstraction of the audio agreeable of video files
· Batch processing
· CD advocate including CDDB features, CD advance adapted to MP3, WAV, OGG, RAW
· Email your images/music/sounds
· Download images from the web
· Upload your images with FTP
· FAX eyewitness (30 altered FAX formats)
· Muilti accent support.

· 30 canicule trial.

What's New in This Release:
· New formats, new skins, new effects
· anchored PPS and HRU reading
· abstract music from PPS and PPT
· added some EXIF fields
· added FLAC metadata reading
· 6 new video formats alien (261, C93, DXA, MPE, THP, VID)
· 7 new angel formats (ERI, FMD, FMT, GGA, P2, S2D, SSL)
· 3 new audio formats (APC, DCT, PPS)

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Size: 18.5 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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