Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Beta

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kaspersky Internet Aegis 2009 is a absolutely new admission to abstracts security. The capital affection of the appliance is akin the programs' rights to admission the arrangement resources. It helps anticipate exceptionable accomplishments by apprehensive and chancy programs. The application's capabilities in the aegis of user's arcane abstracts accept been appreciably enhanced. The appliance now includes wizards and accoutrement which essentially facilitate beheading of specific computer aegis tasks.

New Aegis Features
- Kaspersky Internet Aegis now includes Appliance ****ing basic forth with Proactive Defense and Firewall which accouterments a new accepted admission to the arrangement aegis adjoin any threats including absolute threats and threats that are alien at the moment. Kaspersky Internet Aegis now requires appreciably beneath ascribe from the user due to the use of lists of trusted applications (whitelisting).
- Scanning of operating arrangement and software for vulnerabilities with their consecutive abolishment maintains a top arrangement aegis akin and prevents cheating of chancy programs into your system.
- New wizards - Aegis Analyzer and Browser Configuration facilitate the scanning for and abolishment of aegis threats and vulnerabilities in the applications installed on your computer, operating system's and browser settings.
- Kaspersky Lab now reacts to new threats faster due to the use of Participating in Kaspersky Aegis Arrangement technology that gathers abstracts about infection of users' computers and sends it to Kaspersky Lab's servers.
- New accoutrement -Arrangement Monitor and Arrangement Package Assay -facilitate accumulating and assay of advice about arrangement activities on your computer.
- New astrologer -Arrangement Restore helps fix arrangement amercement afterwards malware attacks.

New arcane abstracts aegis features:
- A new basic Appliance ****ing finer monitors admission to arcane data, user's book and folders by applications.
- Aegis of arcane abstracts entered from the keyboard is ensured by a new apparatus -Virtual keyboard.
- Kaspersky Internet Aegis anatomy includes Privacy Cleaner astrologer which deletes all advice about his or her accomplishments which can present an absorption to intruders (list of visited websites, opened files, cookies, etc.) from the user's computer.

New anti-spam features:
- Efficiency of spam ****ing by the Anti-Spam basic has been added due to the use of Recent Terms server technologies.
- The use of Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, The Bat! and Thunderbird addendum plug-ins simplifies the action of configuring the anti-spam settings.
- Revised Parental Control basic allows able brake of abominable admission of some internet assets by children.

New aegis appearance for internet use:
- Aegis adjoin internet intruders has been upgraded due to the continued databases of phishing sites.
- ICQ and MSN cartage browse has been added which ensures assurance of the use of internet pagers.
- Aegis of the use of wireless networks is ensured through the browse of Wi-Fi connections.

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