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Monday, November 17, 2008

Google Accessories is an open-source accomplishing of Google Accessories belvedere for Linux. Google Accessories for Linux provides a belvedere for active desktop accessories beneath Linux, accouterment to the different needs of Linux users. We are accordant with the accessories accounting for Google Desktop for Windows as able-bodied as the Universal Accessories on iGoogle. Following Linux norms, this activity will be open-sourced, beneath the Apache License. The Windows and Mac versions of Google Desktop has provided apparatus hosting functionality on Windows and Mac for a while now and the Linux adaptation of Google Accessories will extend this belvedere to Linux users. By enabling cross-platform gadgets, a ample library of absolute accessories are anon accessible to Linux users. In addition, apparatus developers will account from a abundant beyond abeyant user abject after accepting to apprentice a new API. There's two capital apparatus to the application: one is a accepted apparatus library amenable for active and presenting a gadget, and the added is a host affairs that allows the user to accept accessories and run them on the desktop. Currently we accept hosts accounting for GTK+ and QT, with the GTK+ host alms a aftereffect similiar to that of Google Desktop for Windows. Configure and build autoconf/automake supports architecture central antecedent timberline and alfresco antecedent tree. We advance to body alfresco antecedent tree. You can actualize a agenda and body it in that directory, again all files will be achievement into that directory. The antecedent timberline won't be affected at all. Following commands configure and body Google Accessories for Linux in build/debug agenda with absence configure options.

$ mkdir -p build/debug
$ cd build/debug
$ ../../configure --enable-debug
$ make

The configure Software has abounding options that you can use, use command:
../../configure --help
To get a abundant list. For example, if the spidermonkey library was not installed into arrangement accepted library directory, you may wish to use --with-smjs-incdir and --with-smjs-libdir options to specify the cover and library agenda of installed spidermonkey library.
If you don't specify any configure option, the configure Software will actuate the optimal options automatically.
Note: the alter body contains added cipher alone for debugging purpose, like alter logs. It will affect the runtime achievement and access the cipher size. Normally it's not all-important for accustomed users.

Install, run and do assemblage tests
If the configure and body accomplished successfully, you can either install it or run it directly.

Use command:
$ accomplish install
to install google accessories for linux into the absence accession directory, /usr/local. Use --prefix configure advantage to change the absence directory. You may charge basis advantage to do installation.

If you wish to accomplish a bifold amalgamation instead of installing it into system, you may use this command:
$ accomplish DESTDIR= install
Then all things will be installed into /tmp/ggl-root directory. Again you can just backpack aggregate in this agenda altogether into a package.

Currently there are two runnable binaries (both or one of them, depending on which toolkit(s) you chose):
* ggl-gtk A host based on Gtk accoutrement libraries.
* ggl-qt A host based on Qt accoutrement libraries.

They accept identical functionalities, you can accept either one. However for now, ggl-gtk is added complete than ggl-qt. You can just run them from command line. Use -bg advantage to about-face them into accomplishments mode. -h advantage can book a abrupt description for accessible command options.

If you wish to run all assemblage tests, just use this command:
$ accomplish check
Ordinary users are not all-important to run assemblage tests.

· libcurl >= 7.15.0, openssl backend is required
· SpiderMonkey >= 1.60
· libxml2 >= 2.6.0
· zlib >= 1.2.0
· xulrunner-dev >= 1.8
· D-Bus >= 1.0.2
· gstreamer and gstreamer-plugin-base >= 0.10.0

What's New in This Release:
· This absolution has above bugfixes and affection enhancements. Most appearance alien in Google Desktop 5.8 are supported. cmake body scripts are included in the antecedent package. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

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