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Friday, November 28, 2008

A FolderView ascendancy displays a account of folders (and files) and allows browsing of the shell's absolute namespace. FolderView Activex Ascendancy is a awful customizable, able ActiveX ascendancy which provides functionality identical to the timberline area in Windows Explorer, with different features:

Here are some key appearance of "FolderView Activex Control":

· Customized background
The accomplishments of the ascendancy can be set to any blush or a tiled graphic. The clear may annal with the capacity if you wish. The ahead blush can aswell be customized.

· Context-menus
When an account is appropriate clicked with the mouse, its carapace context-menu pops-up absolutely as in Explorer.

· Abolish or rename, folders and files
Items may be renamed or deleted on the fly. The ascendancy will aswell rename or abolish the agnate files from the system.

· Annoyance and Bead functionality
Full annoyance and bead functionality is supported. Folders or files can be abject from the ascendancy and alone into any ambition that can acquire them and folders or/and files can be alone into the control. FolderView will automatically annal its capacity or aggrandize burst folders if bare and will archetype or move the alone items to the accent Folder.

· Abundant item's info
Folderview, provides abundant advice for anniversary item, through its able Binder object. It allotment the abounding aisle of the account it represents, its checked, called and broadcast states, abounding attributes that ascertain its type, contents, capabilities and behavior, and references to the item's arrangement icons. Additionally, the Binder article exposes a lot of of the backdrop of the Node article it belongs to, such as Child, Children, Parent, Siblings ... and allotment identification advice for the account in the shell's namespace, such as its PIDL and ItemID.

· Customized basis folder
The Basis binder of the basic is not belted to Desktop. Any Special binder in the arrangement can be set as Root, so browsing can be defined according your needs.

· Auto-Update
Implements alternative auto brace mode, area any changes aural the shell's namespace (such as renaming, affective or deleting items) are automatically and anon reflected in the control.

· Customized treeview appearance
FolderView, exposes all "Appearance" backdrop of the basal Treeview control, such as HasButtons, HasLines, HasLinesAtRoot, HideSelection, Indent etc.

· Ascendancy arrangement errors
Allows ascendancy of whether the carapace will automatically affectation absurdity letters as a aftereffect of invalid binder alternative (i.e. selecting a disposable drive absolute no deejay or selecting a broken arrangement share).

· Able set of events
Gives you absolute ascendancy over what happens, through a able set of Events that will acquaint you of user accomplishments as they yield place.

· Possible Uses
In any case you charge browsing of the shell's namespace. FolderView, is a able apparatus that accept to abide in any developer's set of components, as it can be acclimated in a array of applications.

What's New in This Release:
· Incorrect Basis alternative via Property page, has been fixed
· Other accessory bugs accept been fixed

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