DX4Win 1.08

Saturday, November 22, 2008

DX4Win is a section of software that radio amateurs can calmly use for logging altered blazon of data. Note: Registration can olny be done by contacting the developer.

Here are some key appearance of "DX4Win":

· Support for DXCC, WAS and WAS (mixed, approach and band) 5 bandage DXCC, 5 bandage WAZ.
· Separate flags to clue the mixed, approach and bandage awards
· Support for County, IOTA , TenTen and WPX awards

· If challenge approach is enabled and a starting time is defined, a new QSO will be arrested for a alike acquaintance in the contest
· An incrementing consecutive amount can be displayed during a contest
· Rate assay by approach and by bandage for every hour in a contest

CW Keyboard:
· CW generated application capricious agreement and weighting
· Scrolling covering to see what you are sending
· Five programmable letters which can admission fields in the accepted QSO
· Interface via LPT1 or LPT2

External data:
· Support for the Buckmaster HamCall, QRZ!, Flying Horse and Amsoft Callsign databases on CDROM
· Support for the GOLIST to access QSL administrator information

Import / Consign of Logs:
· A amount of acceptation / consign filters are accessible to acceptation QSOs from added logging programs
· Users can ascertain their own acceptation / consign filters
· Utilities are provided to catechumen some book formats, such as dBase and breach delimited, to anchored acreage ASCII acceptable for the acceptation function
· QSOs that accomplish errors if alien are still included in the log with an absurdity bulletin attached. It is not all-important to adapt an absurdity book and retry the import

· To book QSL labels, a amount of accepted sizes for labels are defined. The user can aswell ascertain a custom label
· Multiple labels can be printed beyond a page and one characterization can board added than one acquaintance for the aforementioned station
· Labels can be printed sorted by callsign or in the arrangement as they were apparent for printing
· The log book can be searched for QSOs that are not accepted and if accepted will accord to one or added awards (like
· DXCC, WAS WAZ , new modes or new bands)

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Size: 1.3 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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