Corel Photo-Paint 9

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Corel PHOTO-PAINT is an appliance with a continued history and one that I accept acclimated off and on for as abounding years. Corel Photo-Paint 9 is not all that altered in apparent actualization and the included affection set than the antecedent Version 8, or even 7 for that matter. However, appliance this new Version 9 was a abundant bigger acquaintance because of what I can best call as refinement. Before accepting into how Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 performed, let me aboriginal call what the amalgamation contains and about what it is advised to do. The name PHOTO-PAINT is about as broadly anecdotic as you can get for such an image-editing product. It has the tools, processes, and brushes that computer artists charge for painting and agenda photographers crave to admission images from scanners and agenda cameras, blush correct, manipulate, and absorb in a publishable certificate absolute not just accurate images, but clear architecture elements and accepted argument and manipulated blazon fonts. In accession to the capital acrylic and image-editing application, Corel aswell includes Bitstream Font Navigator 3.0 to organize, view, and baddest fonts stored in your operating system. Canto Cumulus 4.0 is an acclaimed able agenda asset administration application; Adobe Acrobat Reader for admission to affidavit in Acrobat .PDF architecture on disc; DigiMarc Agenda Watermarking to almanac your absorb aural images; Human Software Squizz an angel morphing utility; Corel Capture 9 to almanac and save screenshots; and Corel Script Editor to automate processes.

The appearance aural Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 are added all-encompassing than just about any angel editor customer software artefact currently available. They cover in part:
· Artistic media brushes that may be acclimated anon and as cloning brushes to acrylic or repaint appliance all kinds of accustomed painting furnishings as able-bodied as added artistic options.
· Layered article furnishings can be created to manipulate, composite, as able-bodied as add clear elements like blazon with bead caliginosity over a accurate image.
· You can either accessible or save to a advanced array of cartoon book types authoritative assets created in a amount of altered applications available, as able-bodied as creating images in PHOTO-PAINT that can be acclimated in added applications, including Adobe Photo-shop, MetaCreations painter, a part of others.
· Ixla agenda camera abutment is congenital accouterment simple admission to the images stored by a lot of of the accepted brands and models of cameras.
· Full abutment is included for HTML achievement to actualize agreeable for web publishing.
· Encapsulated PostScript Export includes added blush administration to assure top superior columnist and achievement to account columnist reproduction.
· Images created in PHOTO-PAINT may be achievement in PDF architecture for web or account columnist targets.
· A Wizard is included which makes achievement to a pre-press account agency easy.
· More all-encompassing and controllable admission abutment of blush administration is included, accumulation the alternative of one of a amount of accepted blush workspaces with ICC profiles which may be imbedded in achievement files.
· And in Corel attitude the amalgamation includes a blow art library of 1200 items, 1500 ability chargeless photos, 750 amphibian objects, and 300 TrueType fonts.

· Linux Kernel 2.2 or higher
· glibc libraries 2.0 , 2.1 or compatible
· X Window System
· amalgamation administration software for Red Hat Amalgamation Manager (rpm) or Debian Packages (dpkg/apt-get)

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Size: 180 mB
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OS: Linux

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