BitComet 05.11.2008 Beta / 1.05 Final

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bitcomet is a p2p file-sharing freeware absolutely accordant with BitTorrent, advised for the accelerated administration of 100MB or GB sized files. BitComet is a easy-to-use multitorrent applicant for Win32 platforms, forth with lots of improvements. Support download assertive files aural torrent, deejay cache, fast resume, anchorage mapping, acceleration limits, etc. Small, clean, and fast. No adware or spyware. Here are some key appearance of "BitComet":

BitTorrent Download - fast and powerful:
· Preview while Downloading: Preview of MP3, rmvb, wmv, and qt is accessible during downloading process.
· Intelligent Affiliation Optimization: Configuration is automatically set to bout your affiliation type.
· Intelligent Deejay Cache: Memory accumulation is acclimated to abate the read/write abundance of your harder drive, accordingly accretion account life.
· Quick Resume: The torrents can be seeded or resumed anon afterwards time arresting scans.
· NAT Traversal: Users abaft NAT can now affix with anniversary added by UDP.
· Auto Config ICF (Internet Affiliation Firewall) and ICS (Internet Affiliation Sharing) in Windows XP
· Auto Config UPNP anchorage mapping in router (UPnP abutment is appropriate in router, Windows XP is required).
· Advantage of Disabling and Setting Antecedence of Files in any torrent: Files can be disabled, so they are not downloaded, or set to college or lower priority, acceptance you to baddest which files accomplishment first.
· Trackerless abutment (Mainline DHT): Torrents can be downloaded if tracker is offline application DHT.
· Abutment for Multi-tracker, and utf-8 extension, UDP tracker Agreement v2.

HTTP/FTP Download -Innovative P2P Technology:
· Preview while Downloading: Preview of mp3, rmvb, wmv, and qt is accessible during downloading process.
· Ability of Multi-Section Download: Files are breach into several sections which are downloaded at the aforementioned time to access the download acceleration up to 500% or more.
· Ability of Multi-Mirror download: Mirror servers are automatically begin for the book getting downloaded. Abstracts from these servers are downloaded at the aforementioned time to access download acceleration 300% or more.
· Ability of Multi-Peer download: BitTorrent technology is chip into HTTP/FTP protocol, with which BitComet automatically finds added aeon and gets abstracts from them to access your download acceleration afterwards added bandwidth acceptance of the HTTP server.
· Abutment for Unicode: Multi-language web pages and encoded URLs can be accurately handled.
· Quick Resume: Chock-full download tasks can be resumed from area they larboard off from both HTTP and FTP servers.

Download Management -Customization Available:
· Global and Per-Task Acceleration Limit, for Both Upload and Download.
· Bandwidth Scheduler
· Custom-built Categories Management.

Easy to Use and Free:
· User-friendly and actual easy-to-use, we try to adumbrate every complicated agreement abaft the interface
· BitComet does not accommodate any adware or spyware.

· MSXML3 is required, which is included with Windows XP or IE 6.0.

What's New in This Release:
· GUI Improved: breach save area of BT assignment into 2 parts: save aisle and filename for single-file task, save aisle and subfolder for multi-files task.
· GUI Improved: if add new BT task, alpha now/start afterwards admixture box changes to 2 buttons beneath in the dialog
· GUI Improved: abolish "set as default" button in BT and HTTP/FTP assignment backdrop dialog. Save aisle of new assignment will be added into applicant agenda account in advantage chat automatically.
· GUI Improved: new applicant agenda account in advantage dialog. The directories in account can be aces up calmly if add new task.
· GUI Improved: carbon accumulation HTTP/FTP download chat and download all dialog. They are alloyed into a new advised accumulation download dialog, which is added convenient.
· GUI Improved: new website countersign ambassador for HTTP/FTP download. Username & countersign will be abounding automatically if add new assignment if existed. This can be enabled in advantage dialog.
· GUI Improved: in torrent maker dialog, arrangement blazon admixture account changes into clandestine torrent analysis box and add DHT nodes analysis box.
· GUI Improved: afterwards accepted software amend checking, adapted softwares will be account beneath accoutrement card in capital window.
· GUI Improved: appearance an absurdity bulletin box if bang [play] on a accomplished task, while the downloaded book has been deleted.
· GUI Bugfix: beneath Windows Vista, seek box in toolbar displays afield afterwards about-face seek type
· Core Improved: UI accent files change from.xml architecture format, which are added accepted and can be circumstantial translated in
· Core Bugfix: beneath Windows Vista, BitComet will absent assignment account if active beneath ambassador privilege
· Core Bugfix: if the HTTP assignment chock-full because the book bound by added program, abstracts absoluteness can not be affirmed if resume downloading.
· Core Bugfix: in few situations, the BT assignment accomplishment advance is 100% afterwards assortment checking, but the book accomplishment progresses are not displayed as 100%
· Core Bugfix: if a BT assignment has been defined book download order, affairs will lose acknowledge if about-face a book to be download or not.

Reasons why this affairs is apparent as adware:
· Offers to download or install software or apparatus (Google Toolbar) that the affairs does not crave to absolutely function.
· Attempts to change the homepage for web browsers installed on the system

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Size: 5.2 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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