Beerwin's PlainHtml 6.0

Friday, November 28, 2008

Beerwin's PlainHtml is a able HTML antecedent editor with PHP toolbuttons, abounding JavaScript and HTML snippets and complete HTML, PHP and CGI reference. All this is completed with an Extender which provides the achievability of extending the capital program.

Here are some key appearance of "Beerwin's PlainHtml":
· Save/reload window lists (Save your opened documents' account and reload those abstracts by two clicks)
· Single instance (PlainHTML is started alone once)
· Window account chat (for faster certificate switching)
· Abounding annoyance and bead abutment (accepts files alone everywhere on it's window, argument can be dragged&dropped amid certificate windows)
· Application-level Bifold adapt aegis (a certificate cannot be opened alert or more)
· Integrated IE examination (With bifold awning support)
· Configurable toolbars
· Configurable editor
· Examination from localhost
· PHP absurdity analysis (needs php and webserver installed)
· HTML validation
· Tag wizards
· Congenital HTML templates (with amend achievability - Extender)
· Table layouts (with amend achievability - Extender)
· Code Snippets
· References
· Quick tag admittance from the Side Bar
· Toolbuttons for a lot of of HTML tags
· Syntax Highlighting
· Abounding article list
· Blush picker with 5 blush sets + Custom palette with save-reload function

What's New in This Release:
· Enhanced: User Interface: bright look, Vista-style wizards, new Tag Palette style
· Improved: Tag Inspector - now all backdrop are arresting and there is no charge of add/remove backdrop buttons. Tag Inspector is now HTML/XHTML aware
· Redesigned:All congenital wizards and windows
· Added: Multiuser abutment and abounding Windows Vista compatibility
· Improved: MDI Tabset got an X button and a popup certificate list
· Improved: Argument inserting
· Improved: Undo and Redo - now works with astrologer amid agreeable also
· Improved: Word Wrap - now wraps curve application Appropriate Edge band as advertence point
· Improved: Top Adjudicator - moves Appropriate Edge and redefines Word Wrap appropriate limit
· Improved: Top adjudicator cartoon method. Now does'nt repaint if not needed, and ablaze has been reduced
· Added: Now the affairs can be configured to alpha with an abandoned document, selectable from the accurate book types. All book blazon can be configured, to be abounding with antecedent abstracts on startup/new document
· Improved: Toolbars: now all of them can be hidden - PlainHTML can be adapted into a collapsed editor;
· Added: Seek got Regular Expression support
· Added: Basic Activity features
· Changed: FTP Manager confused to the Side Bar, Local book window all-overs to accepted activity agenda on open/save, bifold bang opens called book (if supported)
· Added: Editor chantry can be changed
· Changed: New from template... now automatically creates a new project
· Added: Editor zoom
· Added: Show/hide nonprinted characters
· Fixed: Some dialogs
· Added: Blush picker chat got a new tab: aces a blush from an absolute angel book Supports abounding types, eg. jpg, gif, tif, psd, png, gif, bmp, ico, pcx, wmf et alii.
· Added: Multiple angel architecture suppoort for admit angel dialog
· Added: Multiple angel book architecture for the Universal Viewer(bwsfvw)
· Added: Highlight aboriginal band with error
· Added: PHP absurdity analysis confused in the HTML Validator Message Pane and abacus absurdity highlighting(full integration)
· Replaced: New advice file
· Fixed: Toolbar dock/undock
· Updated: Tidy to the latest version
· Added: RegExp seek and replace

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Size: 31.2 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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