AVG Internet Security 8.0 B 196 a1383 - New 10 Years licensed

Monday, November 10, 2008

AVG Internet Security includes:
· Anti-Virus protects from viruses, worms and trojans
· Anti-Spyware protects from spyware, adware and added awful programs
· Anti-Spam filters spam and protects adjoin phishing attacks
· Firewall protects from hackers

Here are some key appearance of "AVG Internet Security":
· 100% virus apprehension -AVG's scanning engine has accustomed abundant awards for its accomplished apprehension of "in the wild" viruses, including the VB100% award. Its different aggregate of apprehension methods provides abounding aegis adjoin viruses, worms and trojans.
· Cutting-edge anti-spyware technology - Application the latest advanced apprehension technology, AVG detects spyware, adware, DLL-trojans, keyloggers, and abundant more. Malware hidden in abstracts streams, archives, or the Windows anthology is aswell detected.
· Abounding on-access aegis -The able AVG Resident Shield provides best aegis by scanning every book opened, executed, or saved. It aswell prevents the aperture or active of adulterated files.
· Flexible able scanning -The AVG Resident Shield can include/exclude files from getting scanned based on alone book extensions and can handle exceptions for potentially exceptionable programs such as adware.
· Abounding e-mail aegis - AVG checks every e-mail beatific or received, accouterment abounding aegis from e-mail-borne threats. AVG supports all arch e-mail clients, including MS Outlook, The bat!, Eudora, and all added SMTP/POP3-based e-mail clients, such as Outlook Express. Encrypted admission application SSL are aswell supported.
· E-mail spam and phishing clarification - AVG checks every e-mail received, application the latest technology and up-to-the-minute spam signatures to ensure best apprehension ante for spam and phishing attacks.
· Automatic blackmail administration -AVG can automatically alleviate or abolish adulterated files and added threats such as trojans, worms and spyware.
· Control over all arrangement admission - The AVG Firewall monitors all advice to and from the computer, blocking alien attacks and preventing trojans from exporting arcane data. The AVG Firewall agreement astrologer automatically creates admission rules for all accepted software. In accession the firewall can about-face profiles automatically, based aloft the accepted conection type, ensuring seamless about-face for notebooks.
· Able scheduling - AVG automatically provides recommended circadian schedules for scanning and updating, and aswell allows you to actualize custom-scheduled events.
· Multiple accent abutment - No charge to buy a appropriate language

· CPU Intel Pentium, 300 MHz
· 70 MB chargeless harder drive space
· 64 MB RAM

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OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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