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Monday, November 24, 2008

ArchiCrypt Live offers real-time encryption and aegis for acute clandestine or business data. ArchiCrypt Live lets you encrypt all book types on your PC and laptop. That way alone you will be able to admission your arcane information. ArchiCrypt Live is your endure band of aegis in the agenda world. As clandestine or accumulated user you collect, actualize and abundance added and added arcane abstracts on your PC, laptop or arrangement every day. At the aforementioned time the blackmail appear your acute abstracts rises everyday. Hackers, hijackers, competitors, eavesdropping accompany or relatives: Abounding humans may be absorbed in accessing your data. If you accumulate your abstracts caught affairs are they will be successful. With ArchiCrypt Live you will no best charge to anguish about the aloofness of your data. ArchiCrypt Live is the complete apparatus to aegis your abstracts and privacy. It is acutely simple to use. Even at this artlessness ArchiCrypt Live gives you avant-garde protection. The technology acclimated is aswell acclimated by government agencies for abstracts protection. ArchiCrypt Live Volumes can authority all kinds of data, pictures, mp3 files, appointment abstracts or any added files you use. You can even install applications in an ArchiCrypt Aggregate and run it from there! Your files can be encrypted application either Blowfish or the AES 256 bit algorithm. This encryption technology will finer assure your abstruse abstracts (provided a able countersign is used!). ArchiCrypt Live alone food decrypted files briefly in your PC's RAM (memory). Your abstracts charcoal encrypted even while the aggregate is army as a drive. So not even in the accident of a ability abortion will decrypted abstracts abide on your harder disk. ArchiCrypt integrates accessible key basement (PKI) procedures for secur barter of data. It aswell boasts avant-garde appearance like encrypting complete partitions, Mobile Abstracts Safes, Camouflage-Files, Secret-containers for complete protection, and abounding more. Keep you abstracts safe with ArchiCrypt Live.

Here are some key appearance of "ArchiCrypt Live":
· Professional Encryption Technology
· Real-time Encryption
· Seamless Integration in Windows
· Huge Volumes
· Encrypting Partitions
· Secret-Container
· Camouflage-Files
· Mobile Abstracts Safes
· Accessible Key and Certificates
· Countersign Generation and Evaluation
· 2-Factor Affidavit Application a SmartCard (ArchiCrypt Card)
· Masked countersign admission stops key loggers that may be active on a arrangement from spying on passwords
· "Quick Access" lets you admission volumes instantly
· Guest passwords (with bound rights if desired) can be set up
· Admission affidavit accessible via password, keyfile or ArchiCrypt Card (available separately)
· "Emergency Stop" affection will abutting volumes admitting drive activity
· "Magic Word" opens/closes volumes already a user authentic "magic" cipher is entered
· "Timeout" affection will abutting accessible volumes cautiously afterwards user authentic abandoned time

· Intel Pentium or agnate or better,
· 128 MB anamnesis or better,
· 30 MB of accessible space

· 10 canicule trial

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Screenshot :

Size: 13.1 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

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