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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aim Ad Hack will finer abolish all the ads from AIM. Just abstract the book into your AIM directory. With this baby book you can finer abolish all the ads from AIM. You accept to be application Aim! Aim Ad Hack is a software that helps you to abolish all the ads from latest AIM. NOTE: Under the new install, if you acquaint it to NOT install a desktop/start card icon, and you accept one now, it WILL abolish it, if you adopt to accept a desktop/start card icon, do NOT baddest the advantage to not install one.

Here are some key appearance of "Aim Ad Hack":
· Removes advertisements from associate list
· Blocks Viewpoint Media Player Install
· Blocks AOL Toolbar Install
· Blocks AOL Loader Install
· Blocks Quality Feedback Agent Install
· Blocks AOL Media Playback Install
· Blocks homepage change
· Removes AOL On Desktop (AOL Installer)
· Removes Triton's blast advertisement tool
· Removes System Information Utility
· Removes AOL Browser
· Removes Plaxo
· Removes Wild Tanget
· Removes WeatherBug
· Removes MySearch toolbar
· Removes AIM Toolbar
· Removes AIM Logger
· Removes Internet Explorer requirement
· Adds abutment for Windows 2003 & Vista
· Optionally attenuate HostManager from starting up with windows
· Optionally install AIM Gadgets plugin
· Optionally install Location Plugin Beta
· Optionally install Facebook Plugin
· Optionally install AIM while active AIM Ad Hack

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Screenshot :

Size: 317 kB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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