AceMoney Lite 3.12.2

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AceMoney Lite is a freeware claimed accounts manager. It has all the appearance of its big brother except assorted accounts management. As AceMoney, AceMoney Lite helps humans adapt and administer their claimed affairs bound and easily.

It supports all the appearance appropriate for home or even small-business accounting needs:
* Track your spending habits and see area the money goes
* Create and administer budgets
* Track achievement of investments
* Do your cyberbanking algebraic in assorted currencies
* Enjoy the accessibility of on-line cyberbanking Download and acceptation advice from on-line banks in QIF and OFX formats. If you run a baby business, consign to HTML, Text, or CSV
* Don´t absence the next borderline for bills
* Double analysis - Enjoy the aegis of countersign aegis of every file, appointed backups and abounding added features
* Plan debts and mortgage payments
* Do e-business with AceMoney

What's New in adaptation 3.12.2:
* Added blow figure to mark affairs with attachments
* Fixed botheration with tags and accessories in Windows 95/98
* Fixed analysis allocation absurdity in transaction list
* Improved administration of investment dialog
* Fixed allocation issues in the account of investment transactions
* Fixed band ends in the exported argument files
* Fixed accessory alternative problems in the transaction list
* Added Ctrl+B adjustment to alarm Balance Account dialog
* Added Alt+H adjustment to hide/show the ancillary panel
* Added abutment for keyboard shortcuts to transaction and bill dialogs
* Renamed transaction categories to transaction labels
* Added alternative transaction amend if characterization is renamed or deleted

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Size: 2.33 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows All

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