Norton AntiVirus 2004

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Symantec's Norton AntiVirus(tm) 2004 is the world's a lot of trusted antivirus band-aid -now with expanded apprehension of both known and arising threats. Norton AntiVirus detects and removes viruses, worms, and Trojan horses automatically-without arresting your work. It works in the accomplishments 24 hours a day to assure email messages, instant bulletin attachments, Internet downloads, and added files. Now it can aswell ascertain viruses in aeroembolism book archives afore you accessible them, reducing the accident of infecting your computer. Symantec's absolute LiveUpdate(tm) technology automatically checks for new virus aegis updates on a regular agenda to accumulate the program up to date adjoin the latest threats. It now even alerts you if your virus aegis is getting outdated. Norton AntiVirus aswell defends your PC against arising threats. Script Blocking intercepts fast-moving script-based bacilli such as "ILoveYou" and "Anna Kournikova," and Worm Blocking stops worms from application your outgoing email letters to affect other computers. The broadcast threat apprehension in Norton AntiVirus 2004 alerts you to the presence of spyware, keystroke loggers, and agnate programs that can abduct claimed advice and leave your PC accessible to other attacks. Stop bacilli and protect your PC with award-winning Norton AntiVirus. Small Office Packs for 5 or 10 users are also available.

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Size: 25473 kB
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OS: Windows All

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