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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thunderbird makes emailing safer, faster and easier than anytime afore with the industry´s best implementations of appearance such as able spam filters, a congenital spell checker, addendum support, and abundant more. We advised Thunderbird from the arena up to addition users´ productivity. That´s why we´ve fabricated it easier for you to artlessly get your plan done, after the hassles of wading through advertisements and added clutter mail. Emailing should be able and convenient. We accomplish that accessible application absolutely accessible and industry arch standards. Read on to acquisition out added about the affidavit why you should use Thunderbird as your mail and account client.

Smartest Way to Stop Clutter Mail
Thunderbird provides the a lot of able accoutrement for audition clutter mail. Our accoutrement assay your e-mail, and identifies those that are a lot of acceptable to be junk. You can automatically accept your clutter mail deleted or you can put in a binder you specify, just in case you like account clutter mail.

Your Mail, Your Way
View your e-mail the way you wish it. Access your e-mail with Thunderbird´s new three-column view. Customize your toolbar, change its attending with themes, and use Mail Views to bound array through your e-mail.

Safe and Secure
Thunderbird provides action and government brand aegis appearance such as S/MIME, agenda signing, bulletin encryption, abutment for certificates and aegis devices.

Packed with Features
Thunderbird gives you IMAP/POP support, abutment for HTML mail, labels, quick search, acute addressbook, acknowledgment receipts, avant-garde bulletin filtering, LDAP abode completion, acceptation tools, able search, and the adeptness to administer assorted e-mail and newsgroup accounts.

Unlimited Features
Thunderbird lets you add added appearance as you charge them through extensions. Extensions are a able apparatus to advice you body a mail applicant that meets your specific needs.

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OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP

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